Adjustable top mount with OEM suspension

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  1. Hello!

    I have a doubt... It's possible to install a top mount system in a OEM suspension? I have a cup with Eibach springs and when I go to trackday my wheels wear out very fast from the outside.

    Also, I want to install a toe adjustment shims for rear axle, How much do you recommend me to start?

    Thank you
  2. I believe you can get adjustable top mounts for the OEM suspension - silver project / AST. To adjust on the car you will have to make the hole in the strut top bigger

    As for rear shims - the best bet is to get your car on an alignment rig to get the base figures rather than guessing
  3. I have eibachs on cup suspension with silver project topmounts. The same as you described I was wearing the edges a little too much, doesn't happen now.
    You don't need to cut the top to adjust the front but you need to access the three top nuts to loosen them and then slide the strut from underneath. The two front are easy to get to, I had to remove the scuttle to get to the back one, but now that I've done that I think I can spanner at it to adjust it in future.
    The only problem is you can't see the guides that show how much camber you are setting them to, the turret still covers this.
  4. thank you so much!!

    Do you have any images to see how it looks?
  5. I'll get a picture but it doesn't look any different than normal to be honest the only difference is the mount nut is off-centre the more camber it is set up with.
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  6. Okay, no problem bro!
  7. Silver project top mount

    Now installed, camber -2.0
    Added 1° caster

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