250 AC Pump NISSENS 890299

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  1. For those who's ac pumps have failed, Nissens AC pump 890299 is a direct aftermarket replacement for the OE pump. Nissen manufacture OE pumps for Honda so no is no slouch.

    I paid £204 from eBay for a brand new Nissen Pump which is cheaper than second hand OE pumps as they retail for £400+


    Also, most people go through the front bumper but then you need to remove the radiator which then needs to be topped up and bled and can open up a whole host of other problems regarding the age of these now.
    I went through the subframe and managed to squeeze the ac pump through there.
  2. I need to change mine now. Did you manage to remove it without moving the radiator, or does the radiator need to be moved slightly to get access to the bolts and hose unions?
  3. Did not need to remove the radiator at all. Removed the subframe and managed to squeeze the AC pump through there.

    Good luck
  4. Ah ok. Just dropped it down at the front?
  5. Yep, the bolts arent the easiest to get to but is doable.
  6. Looking in the Renault workshop manual you don't have to remove the radiator, just undo the mounts and tip it forwards. I think Ill try this method first.

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