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  1. Found these guys on google after researching the issue with my lower ball joints.

    I was quoted £1200 from Renault Bury St Edmonds because they wanted to replace the carrier along with the ball joints. Even with them being 2 hours drive away from be they quoted me £350 for the ball joints and said the would take 2 hours a side.

    So I got booked in for today and made the drive they had every done and dusted by 1pm for the price they quoted no messing abouts or delayed and the guys there were really friend and informative.

    Would highly recommend

  2. Cheers good to know for the future.
  3. caymanr26

    caymanr26 Events Liason

    aaron used to have a megane 225 and used to offer his services on meganesport.net - always seemed a good bloke
  4. I had the same issue, Renault - North West London quoted me £1600 to change the whole perfo hub on both sides.

    Made the 2 and a half hour drive from London to Derby, set off early morning and was there by half 8. Headed back home by lunch time.

    Really great service from them.

    Wish I knew a garage like that in London.
  5. I'm waiting for payday and booking mine in! I don't know 100% that it's the ball joints but I'm thinking it is, getting a terrible creak from the car when I come to a stop!

    I'm hoping regardless what it is that they find it and can cure it.
  6. Is that 350 for both? I think I paid about that for one side from Renault, though that was changing the whole hub not just the joint.

    /edit, durr just noticed it says that on the website
  7. Had my drivers side done here, top service been spot on since.
  8. I too had mine done last week - superb service.
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  9. Hi guys,

    This is my first post here (expect to see more of me), but I used aarons autos a few weeks ago for my RS250.

    Mechanic was helpful over the phone. Even making creaking noises down the phone to help me confirm it was my swivel joint. :smiley:

    £175 and 2 hours later and my car was sweet as a nut.

    Best garage I've dealt with in 10 years of motoring :smile:
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  10. I used them a few months back

    Great guys. £175 per side

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