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  1. Got to admit I find this new baby AMG quite interesting. Initial reviews all seem good as well. Interior is a bit marmite, but I think it looks very good indeed. Right blend of grip versus power like a golf r.

    Will be interesting to see one in the flesh and see the reviews once it hits British roads. Which will be sooner that the Mk4 trophy lol.

  2. I'm sure it's a decent enough car, but I just can't get on with the looks. Didn't like the previous A-class and I actually think this one is worse. The rear end is very odd looking. My missus had a CLA and I didn't think much to the interior quality either.

    I bet it's extremely capable, but I wouldn't expect much in the way of driver engagement. My Golf R was dull as dish water.
  3. What he said!
    My mate had an A45 remapped to over 420bhp and he sold it within a year as it was uninvolving and had no character, now has a 340bhp civic R and loves it!
  4. I'll wait till they have one at my local dealers and go for a look I think. Not sure what I'm looking for next TBH, so keeping an open mind and just going to try until i find something that will be better than than the 275. It's proving to be a harder task than I thought lol.
  5. RS275 despite a lot less power then many other cars like A35AMG (or Ford RS) is still the beast, thx to rigid chassis, almost racing suspension and brakes :mask:
  6. BMW M2 is the best of these `affordable` powerhouses.Covers all bases better than anything in its price band.
    Civic type R,is a incredibly well sorted drivers car,that will tune easily to 400hp.
    If its wasnt such a dogs diner,i would be ordering one.
    If they can sort out the looks,i am sure they would be flying out the showrooms.
  7. As a current owner of both an AMG A45 & a 275 Trophy-R they are in my opinion completely different propositions & appeal to different markets. For me the AMG is a quality built competent all round daily driver that performs very well, where’s as the Trophy-R is a lightweight no compromise true enthusiasts performance car. I wouldn’t use the AMG as a track car & I wouldn’t use the Trophy-R as a daily.

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