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  1. Hello,
    First I would like to apologize for my not so good English, I hop its no problem for you.
    my last car was this one:
    but after the last trackday its look so: RIP to the beloved Abarth

    After some thought, I came to the decision of Megane is the right choice
    so I bought a 2014 RS Trophy.
    this baby has some additional extras: KW clubsport V2, a bigger intercooler, HJS downpipe and modified software with 315HP.

    So far I have made only a few minor changes. like colores badges and exaust end, remove back wiper, and a strut bar
    for the future I planned some more changes.
    ATS 9"GTR rims with special setup for the KW from Reader Motorsport, Recaro Pole Position, anti role cage.
    But its is not easy to keep the car road legal. the german laws and autorities are very hard.
    for example, under normal circumstances it is not allowed to change the seats and remove the side airbags.
    also the rims make some problem because the car is fitted with an TPMS. unfortuntely the sensors from normal wheels doesent fit to the GTR rims. The GTRs are racing rims and the hole for the valve is smaler then normal road rims.
    After some discussion with Reader and ATS the produced an special set of rims with wider hole.
    I upload more pics with the time and changes..
    greetings to all from cologne.

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  2. Your English is probably better than our German.

    Nice car!

  3. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Guten Abend mein freund! Wie gehts?

    Your English is spot on!

  4. Welcome. I always had a real soft-spot for the Punto Abarth. A really cool looking little car. The Megane looks to have had some nice work done, but it sounds like you will be making it even nicer!
  5. That's is some nice spec megane u have. Welcome

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  6. hi folks....
    after a long time of waiting the GTR rims are ready....:smile:
    raeder motorsport did a great job include a new setup for springs and shock absober.
    driving is very differant and much better now.

    also some minor changes, like black renault signs, removes badegs and rear wiper

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  7. Nice car, with some cool plans.
    When I check ebay-kleinanzeigen I see loads of trackday Meganes for sale, why didn't you buy one of those :-) ?
  8. This has different reasons.
    For one thing I bought the car quite cheap. 18500€ with bigger intercooler, KW clubsport, RS monitor with navi.
    Most trackday cars at Mobile.de or Ebay are much too expensive, have driven too many KM and often are not complete road legal.
  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    All the ones I see on Kleinzeigen do seem quite pricey
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    They must hold their value better on the continent then
  11. Prices on the continent are really high, they've actually gone up or stayed basically the same in the last year, year and a half. A friend of mine bought 2010 250 with cup package (recaros, lsd, ..., true cup was never available here (the one with manual aircon, ...). The same year but with more mileage are now still fetching the same price if not higher.
    It's because demand is quite high and there are not many cars on offer.
  12. and some news more.
    today the seats are ready. recaro poleposition with extrem low build in position. if you are
    smaller then 180cm you can't look out of the car *ggg*
    I have also weighed the standart seats ( recaro CS) The total weight is 30kg per seat.
    the poleposition weight complete lower then 10kg


    next step is tuning from Gtech. other exauste system, kat and software.
    but this will be end of september or so.

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  13. Didn't even know that GTech did stuff for the Meganes!
    Good looking car.
  14. they have... but i had no idea because why there is no further information on der webpage
    check this out :smile:

  15. after a long time some news.

    My car has been in the workshop for the last two weeks for some modifications.
    New exhaust system with valve control.
    Extremely aggressive and loud... really fantastic.

    anti roll cage
    the seat shell of the Recaros in white lacquered.

    new software for the engine. The car now has 310hp :hearteyes:
    CAE Short Shifter...... this thing is really great and you don't want to miss it after 15 minutes.

    After the modifications it's really great and I'm really looking forward to going to the ring tomorrow :laughing:

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  16. sm
    ale update......

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