A modern classic or a scrap yard filler?.

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  1. I have been buying the modern classic mag lately. But have not come across any meganesport mk2 in it yet.
    So my question is..could the mk 2 become a modern classic in time and worth keeping or does it fall short.

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  2. well the R26/R will..R26 was class leading for quite some time,and we all know what they said about the R26R.
  3. Yeah definatly R26/R will be a classic in the future - like the Williams & 182 Trophy.
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Like said above, the special edition version might, but don't think the normal ones ever will
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  5. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Having only owned a 225 and 250 and only seen R26r's I do think they will be a classic in 10/20 years time.
  6. I think they will too, which is why I’ve just made the jump to my R26 F1 this week. If it’s totally standard or tweeked in a tasteful way and well cared for it will hold its value. They are held in high regard within petrolhead circles and are a “quirky” marmite design. And everyone remembers the “shaking your arse” advert. Can anyone recall anything in the wide public domain that makes the subsequent/later R250/265/275 stand out from the crowd? I can’t! Although they are great cars in their own right, they are just another swoopy coupe from the publics perspective.
    I am complete newbie to Renault ownership so from an outsiders point of view the Mk2 was the one to own from a futures point of view. I hope it will be a long and happy road trip and I DO expect there to be plenty of potholes along the way :wink:
  7. August issue page 28
  8. Of what!?
  9. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    The 250 is a better car for sure, quicker, more reliable. But not as fun and that matters.
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  10. Modern classics magazine as the OP stated. Renault special with 5gt turbo, clio williams, 172 cup, 182 cup, 197 and 200 cup.
    There's a one page opinion column stating the virtues of the Megane 225. He reckons the F1, R26 and R26r are set to go up in value but the regular 225 is the bargain at the moment.
  11. Thanks, I’ll grab a copy. Always nice to have in the “library”:wink:
  12. Didn't they do a group test article on the Megane with a Leon and Astra?

    As with all hot hatches, all of the sporting Meganes will retain some sort of following. As values (eventually) increase for the most sought after models, that will, in turn, drag the values of the others upwards.

    Not something I would be worrying about yet though to be honest. They're still a bit too new. Running costs and the like will eliminate any profit from value increases in most cases. Just enjoy them for what they are for now.
  13. Indeed, this is what will kill the cars where the owner just wants a cheap thrill and a throw away car. It’s what happens to all good cars as a matter of course. It’s only those who are willing to invest the money over and above the real value of the car that will reduce the eventual supply of good cars to market then this will put upward pressure on the available good cars. Usually about 15yrs for common classics is where the turn around in value occurs.
    One of the reasons for me jumping ship from my current MB E63s is that things are becoming increasingly automated and anodyne. The skill of driving is being lost, as can be seen from most of those on the road these days. I’ve had enough of being integrated into the car, I want to drive the car and be fully responsible for its actions.
    It’s only those people who are interested in this, that will buy and appreciate the kind of car that the Renaultsport range actually is.
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  14. I've got the online subscription. Download and store on your Ipad / tablet.
    I have every copy of Evo magazine but I think it's lost it's way recently. Modern Classics seems to be filling that gap for me.
    Nice to have Jethro Bovingdon and Tiff contributing too.
  15. It seems a lot of 172/ 182 cups are being broken as the owners cant / dont want to spend £700 + on a cambelt and dephaser for a £1500 car.
  16. I had Evo for about 7yrs, but ended my subscription in 2017, after Harry Metcalf left and Henry Catchpole did the same. It seemed it had become a magazine that was backward looking not embracing the future and was all about old cars, not the EVOloution of the car world. I now read Top Gear instaed which is a mag that doesn’t take itself too seriously!
    I’ve ordered the back copy and will be interested to read it and see if it tickles my fancy long term. :smirk:
  17. I think when all the 'normal' non sport Mk2 Meganes start phasing out on the roads (still loads about imo) then the R26 will become even more special and sought after as its quite a unique shape - and they will probably be the only ones left on the roads - the enthusiast owned RS models. But we are talking over 5+ years for that to happen?
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  18. Indeed. For a while now I've noticed how motoring is slowly dying. Petrolheads need to take heed and keep it going for as long as it can. Eventually we're looking at a grim future.
  19. What's the newest hot hatch that has started to rise in value? 306 rallye?
  20. I don't know. The cars around now are more hard-core than ever. Golf gti clubsport, merc a45, gt2/3 etc
  21. Lots of scruffy mk2 meganes about. BUT they're probably one electrical problem or bad mot from the scrapyard.
  22. Yeah but just look at the general trends. Speed limits and their enforcing getting ever tighter, more and more driver "aids" becoming mandatory, electric cars planned to becoming mandatory, emission standards already driving petrol engines into unreliability, automated cars being forced on us, etc. etc. The years we're living in right now just might be the last hurrah of enjoying automobiles.

    It would be good if all enthusiasts kept a close look at what the governments are trying to do and were ready to react so that there might be some sense left in which way the legislation actually goes.
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  23. Yeah but theyre all too 'modern' for me,all this digital dashes,assists,sports modes etc - it feel like everything is done for you....for me 'hardcore' means a different thing that you get with the older cars - and they will continue to become more unique as we just getting used to all these modern gizmos on every car now. I dont want to be told which gear i should change to and when.....and if a bloody pedestrian is nearby haha.
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  24. 182 Trophy? Seem mint ones going for over £10k+ now....to coincide with people realising how special they are. Check out Harry Metcalfe's review of it on his YT channel,keeps alongside the Lambo's and Ferraris in his garage.
  25. yeah true,surely their numbers will sharply come down soon. But it just tells you how reliable they are for people over the years. Compare with the Fiat Bravos - theyve gone from 10,000 to a few hundred nationwide now. Theyve just fallen apart...and i used to have one hehe.
  26. Love Harry's Garage, I could watch one after another!
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  27. How many is classed as 'rare' though? When I had my 130i there were about 800 left. That car kept its value really well, I bought it in 2013 for £8300 and sold in 2016 for £7700. The buyer said he would have paid £7995 but I was too eager for a deal and dropped the price at the last minute.
  28. Id say 'rare' would maybe be 500 or less,which the R26 isnt too far off.

    Compare that to the 182 (still 3K left) 197 (2.5K left)....

    And bear in mind theres about 50K x Fiesta ST's,10K x Focus RS,50K x Focus ST,..you see how rare these cars are.

    Clio V6 & Williams - 120x each left. Super rare hehe!
  29. Theres still over 1000 left of those https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=bmw+130i
  30. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    There's more R26 on the road today than 250's
  31. That’s because they are a better car!
    Just winding you 250 owners up :wink:
    And probably a lot mor R26’s sold too
  32. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Wouldn't say better but definitely more fun!
  33. That’s why I bought one - for fun! :smile:
  34. I see more 250's than R26's n west yorkshire. I might see one R26 a year hehe.
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  35. Me too, last R26 I saw was a LY on M61 3 months ago and I’m a wagon driver Saw 4 250’s this week
  36. I actually saw a red 225/R26 this weekend in Castleford hehe - not sure which it was as it had no decals...

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