60mm intercoolers of eBay ?

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  1. I would be interested to see if there is any core difference between the winner racing one and the one I have. The one I have is exactly the same as the ebay one that xc_75fr ( I think ! ) in France use. I found the manufacture and cut out the middle man. The one I have and sold on group buy was GPI racing..
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    Haha, which version is yours?
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    Bar and plate one, interested to see this winner one.
  4. So are the winner ones bar and plate or tube and fin ?

    The GPI is a tube and fin ..
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    Depends on the core, I think the winner ones are tube
  6. Just before you chop it up , is there any chance you could offer it up to your wifes Meg ? I suspect the right hand side lug is a few MM too small. If it is it will confirm that all the coolers are made by one company ( or one set of blueprints )

    That is my suspicion
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    My wife's is a 250
  8. Well that knackers that.

    If only you knew someone with a R26....
  9. I can confirm the right hand side does need cutting! It's slightly too small! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1388516473.949186.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1388516482.848479.jpg
  10. I've left my deposit with you for the GB remap, any chance you can have a wee look at my ebay special intercooler?

    Just about to order one which is the better one to order?
  11. I've just ordered the winner racing cooler for my R26.

    So is it confirmed to be the same as the GPI racing one?

    Also the previous pics about the side needing some trimming, do you have an image of the overall install? I can't tell what/why needs to be cut.
    I heard it was part of the plastic shroud of the car which needs to be trimmed for it to fit?!

  12. Check the number of rows when you get it, they are shipping the smaller ones out instead of the larger ones.
  13. Would help if you told him how many rows a large one has :wink:
  14. Well there seem to be two pictures being used on the eBay ads. One has 17 rows and the other 13, I'm not sure which is the right one to be honest. I emailed and was told 17 and yet received a 13 row one which is being returned.
  15. At least you guys have a variety of options. Theres nothing for the 250 other than the £620 Forge offering :eek:
  16. Its the nearside (passenger) plastic clips, that the intercooler bracket sits in, the plastic is part of the radiator end tank iirc and just holds the intercooler in place.
    However the intercooler bracket is a few mm too small so the plastic "clip" has to be trimmed down for it to fit properly
  17. It turns out they have no more 17 row coolers, but apparently the 13 is the same physical core size as the seventeen version. I'm at a loss now what to do with mine.
  18. Here is the version i received this morning

  19. That seems to be the same one that chrisp had, He seemed happy enough with his iirc he posted some results earlier in the thread.
    Personally i'd prob keep it and see if they can refund you some money for the inconvenience i think chrisp had £40 knocked off his
  20. Doesnt look very big compared to my 60mm pace one? Could be the angle of the photo but im sure mine was a good 5cm+ taller
  21. Just read that my bad, more surface area more cooling! Get a 17 row one personally, std unit is cack enough
  22. Can you measure it physically? That way we could compare them.
  23. Sold the car mate sorry!
  24. My forge one
  25. Thanks for the bracket info.

    I suspect we will get the 13 row ones too (ordered 2)
    I believe the 40 pound discount for chrisp was more due to the damage wasn't it?

    Anyway will let you guys know how it goes. Us aussies need it way more than you guys. Its summer and a lovely 25-30 but sometimes a not so nice 30-36 lol

    I dyno'd my r26 in ~30deg heat with stage 1 rstuner and pulled 150atw. This figure dropped a few kw for the next 2 runs.
    I know even during the drive there, the car was struggling after a few hits.

    Lets see if this cooler can make a difference.
  26. that's more like it losi boy!
  27. Mine turned up today.

  28. That's the smaller 13 row one. I sent mine back, as I'd ordered the larger 18 fin one. Feel a bit deflated about the whole experience.
  29. How can you tell? Where they ok with it?the advert doesn't mention anything about 13/18 row, just says 2row?
  30. Looks like glens forge one also as 13 rows Chris, mine is also a forge one but I've never counted the ows, can't see there being a problem with yours Chris
  31. You can tell by counting the rows Chris.
  32. I know Steve I counted the forge one too can't see there being a problem tbh, too big could be worse than OEM iirc?
  33. There are two adverts on eBay if you hunt around, one has 13 rows and the other has 18, the pictures are different too.

    I don't think the forge ones have 13 rows? As the forge on my old megane had 17 rows


    I don't know which is best to be honest, I'm just assuming that surface area is paramount in cooling. The larger 18 row ones are easily 50-60mm deeper I think.
  34. And can be had for cheaper on ebay
  35. mek


    Ohhhhh GTPerformance IC is a Chinese s**t. The surface is about 20 cm2 smaller than the Forge. Friend of my bought it and even didn't mount. Very bad performance and bad welds, I myself thought about it but I chose Forge :wink:
  36. That's the 13 row cooler which is smaller, and can be bought for £100 pounds less on eBay. Apparently the larger Forge equivalent is coming back in Feb sometime which is the same size, and this time will be tube and fin. Not that that means anything to me at all!
  37. yumcha cooler.jpg

    Coolers arrived. Looks like its the 13 row ones.
    Can anyone confirm these are still a significant upgrade over oem?

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