60mm intercoolers of eBay ?

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  1. Yeah, but spraying it with cold water to avoid heatsoak? That's what has been done in one of the videos!

    So next time I'm out and going to put my foot down, I'll have to remember to take a water pistol to spray my intercooler!
  2. Your missing the point. Look how quickly the intercooler gets overwhelmed with heatsoak and I doubt Mitsubishi have have fitted a cheap intercooler.

    Do some proper testing not a little run to the shop,on your cheap one and post the figures. It might be a good buy but ive seen nothing to say it is.
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  3. So your not able to provide the details of a forge or ktec? You mean your running the standard cooler!?
  4. What difference does it make what intercooler ive got?

    If I could get a good quality item for a big saving I would buy it just like everyone would but you always hear "you get what you pay for" and "buy cheap buy twice".

    Mine has a K tec intercooler only because it came brand new in the car boot when I brought it and the original one looked a bit worse for wear.

    I would be very interested in your proper test results though.

    Ive brought a few cheap Chinese things off ebay and I wouldn't do it again. We live and learn.
  5. Of course it makes a difference!

    Your arguing the Chinese ones are of poor quality! If you have a ktec do some testing and post your results, I'll do like wise. That way we can see what the difference is!

    Also you never brought your car, you bought it!
  6. To do it accurately you would need to test both on the same car along with the factory intercooler.

    Ive seen what you call tests and to be honest your figures don't mean a thing.

    The most important figures you didn't even mention and you didn't do any back to back sustained runs which is where you will get your comparisons against the standard intercooler to see if yours is any better than that.
    Seeing as you spent your money on upgrading the important thing is it's an upgrade from what you had?
    I dont care if the Ktec one is any better or worse than the standard one as i didnt pay for it.

  7. < stir >

    Or nothing to say it isnt ..
  8. Could say the same for an induction kit and cold air feed. Your theory is not backed with any evidence. Not agreeing that the cheap ones here are better or not, but there's no concrete proof either way.
  9. I'll be buying one, and I'll be getting the car mapped in the new year, so I'll ask paul to do some side by side runs with standard Vs Ebay special.
  10. Just for your info my car came with a brand new Ktec induction fitted and the standard air box in the boot. I have removed the induction kit and fitted the air box back on as i didnt like the noise.I might be wrong but it doesnt feel as fast once the turbo kicks in now but i dont have any evidence to back this up so please dont go on about it.

    There is a few very simple rule for intercoolers, if you knew what you was talking about you would know what to look for.Its not just pretty welds its surface area.
    Google how intercoolers actually work and fpi you might actually learn something.

    Just so you know my car also came fitted with a brand new Ktec 3" exhaust fitted so i didnt spend any of my money on that either.
  11. Be very interested in what the runs show

    Has anyone fitted an oil cooler and tried to cool the turbo that way?
  12. My chinese one has 17 cooling rows, and is tube and fin design, it has reduced my intake temps with no noticeable drop in boost i've been told that the pressure drop is 0.5psi drop @ 1050cfm.
    Does anyone know what the pressure drop on a forge / k-tec unit is?
    James you say "It increases when you floor it is the only part that matters."
    Even k-tec's own testing show that their own intercoolers raise temps when floored this is from their own review :-

    First up was our 50mm intercooler, this weighs in at just 3.5kg. At a 60mph cruise the inlet temp measured by the Renault diagnostic CLIP was 23 C and at wide open throttle the inlet temps peaked at 39 C. As soon as the WOT run was complete the core temperature was measured at 44 C. Air flow through the core was measured at 560 fpm.

    Tripple J i read someone in malaysia i think had an oil cooler on their 250 and it brought temps down by around 15 degrees. (the forge unit for the 250 blocks the radiator loads and coused oil temps of over 100 degrees, unsure on the r26 though)

  13. You wont notice the pressure drop because the ecu measures and controls the turbo after the intercooler meaning the turbo will have to work harder to make up the difference of any pressure drop.

    You dont want too low or too high pressure for obvious reasons. Both mean a poor design.

    There you go then some figures to compare against.

    Just need to see how the factory and chineese intercoolers compare now then to see if they are a cheap alternative to Forge/ktec.
  14. Also another option is a water to oil heat exchanger these are great in the winter as they warm the oil up quicker too.
  15. Just looked on ktec's website, they are advertising peak figures for the new 60mm core at 29c compared to 57c for the standard intercooler.

    Cant see if it says outside temps or boost pressure tested but will be good to see what results come back from rstuning.
  16. If the figures i was given of 0.5 psi drop at @1050cfm is correct, the maximum amount of air the engine is going to take in is around 21,000 litres of air per minute at 7,000rpm (assuming maximum turbo efficiency, in reality i think it will be much less around 14,000-17,500l).

    21,000 litres of air is around 740cfm so realistically, assuming the figures i was given are correct you wont lose more than 0.5 psi of boost at max rpm which is isnt bad at all for a chinese special.
    And would give very little extra strain to the turbo
  17. There is absolutely no product reviews in this thread just a group of willy wavers measuring up with each other, tut.

    I bought one because it's cheap and they look good behind the bumper, I doubt any brand of fancy cooler will improve my commute time so it's a chicken dinner for me.
  18. If you get the desired intake temps with 0.5 psi drop that would be a great buy because I would put money the forge/ktec ones will be a little higher than 0.5 psi.
  19. Why would it add strain? Isn't the point to relieve strain by colder intake temps? :confused: Pardon my Ignorance.
    Apart from that it sounds spot on for the price point!
  20. To make the extra 0.5 psi of boost it may lose, the ecu will allow the turbo to spin faster to compensate.
    Thats why boost leaks can lead to turbo failure as you can over stress the turbo.

    Its not going to add any strain really teeny tiny bit, a remap adds much more and is still safe
  21. The turbo has to make more boost to overcome the extra resistance to air flow. More boost, more heat and not just for the intercooler.
  22. Beat me to it. As jjones said 0.5 psi wont make any difference really as it is such a low pressure drop.
  23. You mean extra volume. Why would there be extra resistance with a bigger intercooler?

    Unless its rally poor constructed or something wrong with it!
  24. The charge air has to come into contact with the intercooler to transfer the heat to it causing the drag/resistance. Without it the air would just rush through the intercooler and keep all the heat. The heat in the intercooler then transfers to the passing airflow as you drive.
  25. That´s correct, but on a 60 mm IC it´s still safe.
  26. Is that customs charges?
  27. In effect yes.
  28. Ah not such a good deal then as the item and postage is £130 ...
  29. If only someone has said there were few manufacturers and many distributors so,we here in this thread.

    OH WAIT...
  30. So whats the crack with the one of ali express?
  31. Is there a group buy happening? Buying mine on pay day (15th), just wanna know if anyone has organized one or anything?
  32. With taxes etc it will end up costing in the region of 160 so same as the winner racing one which includes taxes...

  33. I am not sure how they can say it includes taxes.

    Its the recipients duty to pay taxes , or the guys sending will be invoiced by our trusty HMRC for the vat + tax on the product. The product isnt normally release by HMRC until the duties are paid. You will then be rebilled by the Postal service for collection of the product ( from HMRC ) to your door.

    What I would read between the lines is that they will send using EMS postage ( china post ) and it normally gets through without being inspected.

    I would always expect a 30% levy on any item. If you dont get it - bonus. If you do , you were prepared.
  34. RSTuning

    RSTuning RSM Trader RSM Trader

    I spoke to winner about the core and they say they make them unlike the normal bar and plate china ones.

    It looks OK but I have one coming to test, from the pictures the welds look poor and will need some finishing but we'll see!

    Duty wise you will probably get away with paying less than you should but there's usually about £21 in fees plus VAT on whatever price they stated on the commercial invoice.
  35. You have already mapped one on a cooler from the far east. Mine

  36. RSTuning

    RSTuning RSM Trader RSM Trader

    You wouldn't have let me cut yours up though :smile:
  37. you never asked ! if you had of asked ...

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