500bhp monster

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  1. Wossner pistons

    PEC Forged Rods

    Ported & Polished Head

    Balanced Crank & Flywheel

    Catcams Cams 402

    Supertech Double Valve Spring Kit

    Supertech Valves

    ACL Big End Bearings

    1000cc Bosch injectors

    OEM Main Bearings

    OEM Thrust Bearings

    OEM Gasket Kits

    OEM Timing Belt & Waterpump

    OEM Dephaser

    OEM Radiator

    AEM Water Methanol With Controller

    NGK Motorsport 9 plugs


    Pro Alloy Intercooler

    Pro Alloy Turbo Cooler

    Garret G30 660 Turbo Kit

    Nortech Tubular Manifold

    3" Milltek Exhaust

    3” Downpipe

    Turbo Smart External Wastegate (GEN v compgate 40)

    Braided Fuel Lines

    ITG Induction Kit

    Bosch Flow Matched 1000cc Injectors

    Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator

    OBP Swirl Pot

    044 Fuel Pump

    Surge Tank

    Pure Motorsport Aircon Delete Kit

    Mapped By EFI -

    Low Boost 375BHP

    High Boost 500BHP

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  2. It is a monster in the right hands :laughing::laughing:
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  3. Thanks mate
  4. Must be undriveable on anything other than a perfect dry road/track :tearsofjoy:
  5. Its not really, i drove it around Oulton Park in the snow on full power, also did a good few laps at Anglesey on a very wet day, was fun
  6. I was running an open diff at 350bhp and it would spin up at 100mph in the wet :tearsofjoy: Really hope the diff drastically reduces it!
  7. it does and did, was really surprised how well the diff worked, i never felt the diff in my 265 work like that, but i can feel the diff in my 250 work like his does, once my monster is built we will see how they compare
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  8. She’s even better on slicks
  9. How is it you're limiting the boost? Do the 3rs have another ecu setting built in, or are you running a separate boost controller?
  10. Animal any pics

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