4 x Megane R26r Interlagos Alloys

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  1. I have a set of 4 Megane R26r/Interlagos/Clio Raider alloy wheels. I have had these professionally refurbished earlier this year and from then they have covered less than 1,800 miles since then. I would describe these as being in excellent condition with no kerb marks etc. Once refurbished I applied Gtechniq C5 to make caring for these simple.

    They are currently on the car as I await tyres for the replacement wheels.

    I am selling these as they are fitted to my Clio and I prefer how the Clio drives, handles and feels with the OEM size (17 inch).

    Some photos of the wheels after the refurb;



    Some photos as fitted to my car;


    I am looking for £1,200 for wheels only.

    I am located in Belfast but can arrange courier no problem.
  2. Bump :smile:

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  3. These can also come with the tyres for a reasonable offer as I’m going back to 17’s in the Clio. I’d say there is at least 6mm on each tyre remaining.

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  4. Bump! These should be coming off next weekend as the tyres for my new wheels should be with me this week :smile:

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  5. Are these wheels actually that valuable? Seems expensive!

    You can buy brand new OZ Ultraleggeras for £1200
  6. I took some advice of two guys on Facebook who had recently sold their sets. One set sold for £1070 needing a refurb and the their set the guy took £1000 for needing a refurb. I’ve been offered £950 but would need a bit more than that given these are excellent condition.

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  7. Are the clio raider alloys the same offset as the megane r26r wheels?
    As I looked at the interlagos wheels from a different renault model, laguna possibly??
    And the offset and width of the wheel was wrong (from memory)

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  8. These where originally owned by a guy who had two sets for his R26r, I done a swap with him for these so they definitely fit both the Clio and the Megane.

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  9. Bump.

    Won’t be going back to 18s on the car so tyres are also for sale. £330 for all 4 AD08r. As mentioned they all have over 6mm of tread having done very few miles since fitting.

    Any offer on the wheels?

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  10. These are good to go now for anyone interested :smile:

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  11. I'd love to buy just the alloys off you but would have to be a reasonable price. What's the best you can do? thanks
  12. I'd have the tyres- PM'd
  13. Still would be happy to buy just the alloys... price?
  14. Sorry guys haven’t been online. Will drop PM’s now.

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  15. Deposit received for wheels & tyres!

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