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  1. Is that just with sports cat? or bigger Intercooler?
  2. Sports cat and intercooler.
  3. Drives much better, you could see a big dip in the graph before from when it wasn’t running right.
  4. Drives much better, you could see a big dip in the graph before from when it wasn’t running right.
  5. Love this

    My old 250 cup was mapped my Chris, and my current 265 feels a bit of a dog with flat spots etc - might be something similar to what you experienced

    Need to get it booked in I think
  6. After attempting to bleed the brakes we snapped one of the bleed nipples off, also to find out another was snapped too. The easiest way to sort it was new calipers which are fairly cheap for what they are, they were fitted today along with new pins. The flywheel also decided to shit it’s self last month so that was done along with a new clutch, slave, oil seal, and hub nuts etc. Tyre pressures were found to be way too high so dropping those has made it much less twitchy. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong any time soon!
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  7. Nice. You are right. I cannot believe the price of calipers. Cheap. U get from rpd?
  8. Got them from kam racing, think they were £179 each or there abouts.
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  9. Thats incredible considering the brand and size.
  10. these callipers are fitted on lots of other cars brand, so Brembo makes them in the thousands. the more you produce one product the cheaper it is.
  11. Very good point. Still I'd expect a brembo tax at least
  12. So the Megane hasn’t been feeling very sharp recently, such as torque steering and wandering under braking. With an NC500 trip coming up I thought I’d do something about it. I checked for play in the suspension I couldn’t really find much at all, the wishbones were original and easy to replace so a genuine set were ordered along with new links. The steering feels so much more direct and taught now, well worth the £350 outlay.

    I’ve treated the car to a new pair of front tyres this week in the form of the Goodyear eagle f1 super sports. So far they feel a bit firmer over the bumps than the michelins I had previously but you do get a bit more steering feel as a result. I will give them a proper test in Scotland next week.

    After washing the wheels this afternoon I noticed the stupid clutch damper was leaking quite badly. Brake fluid was all over the arch liner, wheel and wishbone! With leaving for the NC500 on Tuesday I was in a bit of a flap. Luckily a mate had a Hel line he hadn’t fitted yet so I got that collected and fitted this afternoon, the pedal feels slightly different but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
    12560F41-F457-4220-B5B3-354C5BE9E5EF.jpeg 3FAFDCA3-FB06-4FF9-9476-A9F554B08205.jpeg
  13. A few NC500 photos IMG_20210907_173022.jpg IMG_20210907_174525.jpg IMG_20210908_134244.jpg IMG_20210909_123033.jpg IMG_20210909_124429.jpg IMG_20210909_142402.jpg IMG_20210909_145024.jpg IMG-20210909-WA0064.jpg IMG-20210909-WA0085.jpg IMG-20210909-WA0056.jpg
  14. Nice. Megane is just such an awesome looking car in RS form. Flom something that is Blah in non-RS.

    Like the Red striped black one.

    What was traffic like on the roads? I see one of your shots has alot of campers in it.
  15. There were a few campers but we did it the other way round to most people so it was pretty quiet actually. We did have to do a lot of overtakes but most people pulled over for us which was handy!
  16. Love Scotland, stunning scenery & great neeps & tatties.
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  17. Neeps & Tatties are why I left.

    Miss the roads though.

    Don't know how many blind corners I took a racing line on as a 19 year old..... Luckily never anything coming the other way.
  18. So some nice person decided to open their door on to my quarter panel. Being close to the edge I was worried it wouldn’t come out paintless, turns out our local PDR guy is very good and sorted within minutes! Before and after below.

    BD944135-604B-4CED-9F27-B24CCAF01B5E.jpeg A6BB3787-6EA4-48FE-877A-8CFEAB21C429.jpeg
  19. People who dent other peoples cars should have their fingers broken
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  20. Those kind of things are typical in my country, some people=shit.
  21. In the past couple of months the gearbox had developed a whine at 40+mph. I had also bought some Avo coilovers on the group buy so it made sense to get both done at the same time. I did get a bit carried away and ordered some new drop links, lower swivel joints and new inner and outer track rods.

    Old knackered bearings
    received_1073095486807872.jpeg received_505760100969198.jpeg
    New Lower uprated swivels from Ap motorsport


    Coilovers on and set up
    FB_IMG_1642789431970.jpg FB_IMG_1642789420577.jpg

    Car drives amazing now! No more knocking when reversing and gearbox is now silent. The coilovers are obviously a bit firmer than the Ohlins but they're not uncomfortable and don't bounce over bumps like the poorly dampened Bc's. I would highly recommend Grinspeed who did the work for anyone in the North West area.
  22. What was wrong with the ohlins?
  23. Rear adjusters were seized and the fronts were knocking
  24. When the ohlins were working how they compare to the coilovers? And what have yo7 done with them out of interest
  25. The ohlins are much better on bigger compressions but I’ve not played with the damping on the Avos yet. The car is so much sharper on the Avos, and it doesn’t look like a 4x4 anymore. The ohlins are just sat in the garage
  26. Great work James! Sounds like you have gone through a very similar process to myself. Mine is also in the garage having the gearbox bearings sorted due to a whine. Only done 37k how many miles has yours covered? Was it the diff or mainshaft bearings? What ride height are you running on the Avos? Have KW clubsports and going to aim for 350mm from centre of wheel to the arch to hopefully save the driveshafts.
  27. You´re worry to me man, that whine must be typical on this gearboxes, not the first I see in the forum with bearing in that state. I have almost 90000kms. and no whine for the moment(crossed fingers!). Well, I use to change the gearbox and engine oil once at year, no matters how much kms.
    Great job James! I´m glad the bloody whine had disappear:wink:
  28. Thanks Sam. The gearbox issue seems quite common on the later cars, what year is yours? Mines on 54k now so it’s done alright I suppose. I’m not sure which bearings had gone but there were two that were pitted. The garage set it up so I’m not sure on the ride height, it’s quite low but not ridiculous. I will measure it at some point.
  29. Haha I think it’s just luck with the gearbox! Mine started at 54k miles so similar mileage to yours. Hopefully yours won’t have the dreaded whine! It’s not too expensive to fix if it does though! It’s definitely much nicer driving with a quiet gearbox that’s for sure!
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  30. I think it just luck of the draw but the later cars certainly seem to suffer more. No doubt Renault fitting cheaper quality bearings towards the end of production.
  31. Definitely, very frustrating as I hadn’t realised before buying a later car, mine is a 2016 Cup S.

    Yeah it’s done well considering and not too bad if the dmf needed changing anyway. Did you fit a driveshaft spacer I have heard conflicting advice?
  32. I didn’t fit the driveshaft spacer, seems alright so far but time will tell.
  33. Will probably be putting this for sale soon. Now on KW clubsports, message if interested.
  34. Would you sell the KWs ?
  35. They’ll be staying on the car unfortunately.
  36. @James265trophy my 275 trophy gearbox is starting to whine pretty certain it's the bearings in the box !!! Can I ask where you got the bearings from mate. Thanks
  37. Grinspeed down in Leyland sorted everything for me!
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  38. Thanks @James265trophy mines has started to whine. They all seem to go between 40 and 60k. My mate had a 250 cup tracked it never had any issues prob better bearing manufacture used for the bearings.
  39. It does seem more common on the later cars. My old 265 was fine but I have heard of earlier cars having the issue too

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