275 275 trophy Ohlins twitchy

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  1. Noticed the car was tram lining and giving a lot of torque steer when coming on to boost on bumpy in even roads, felt like I was fighting it a lot,

    so have had a play with the settings on the ohlins and set them up to the factory settings for the sport set up also set the tyre pressures and it’s still poor is this just a megane trait or do I need to go softer with the dampers I don’t want to go to soft and it be wallowing all over the place, when I get a nice bit of tarmac

  2. If you're finding this then I would go with the recommended 'B road' bumpy conditions settings as the spring rate firmness won't change. The Ohlins primarily change the damping rate. However, you should notice the firmness change as you adjust the Ohlins. You could also try 20 on the front and 20 on the back as a compromise.
  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Alignment been done on it? They are very sensitive to front toe
  4. +1 on alignment

    ...by a suspension specialist, not just the local tyre shop
  5. Cheers lads

    Yeah alignment will be the next on the list,

    Yeah tyre shops don’t have a clue at all they just set to a chart on the wall and if it’s not on there they just set to dead straight
  6. Cheers mate,

    Yeah I need to have another play with them, I originally thought to go with the bumpy B road settings but didn’t want to compromise smooth B roads, the pointy turn in and oversteer/understeer balance

    but I’ll soften the dampening see how it goes,
  7. 20 clicks front/rear and it s wonderfull on bumpy roads. The steering feels more natural too. .
  8. Thanks for the input mate I’ll give it a go

    How you find it on smooth twisty roads
  9. Generally, I prefer it a bit tighter rear, than Renaultsport's recommendations
    On smooth roads, 4f/6r is perfect...

    But most times i enjoy 14f/15r as an all around adjustment.... especially if you don't know the road conditions

    You have to know that tramlining is usually caused by very worn / hard tyres and/or excessive toe out at the front
  10. Yeah I think they dial abit of safety understeer in, I’m used to a stiffer rear end from my clio,

    The tyres are super sports up front and 4S at the back, plenty of life in them and 2.2 bar up front and 2.0 at the rear, the toe will be the next thing I will check after I get the suspension dialled in
  11. Glen contact btg performance in north shields. They seem to know pretty well about suspension setup
  12. Good shout, follow them on Instagram and always see them playing with something, thanks for the heads up
  13. Simple question – but what side do you count the clicks from? If the dampers are wound all the way to the left, is that the hardest setting or softest?

    So If I'm trying 20/20, should I wind all the way to the left and count 20 clicks from there, or from the right?
  14. In French but properly subtitled.

    The previous owner of my car set them +2 clicks above the b-road setting and it feels so good I've had no cause to change it.
  15. There's a subtitles button on YouTube – you learn something new every day!

    So essentially the hardest setting is all the way to the right/clockwise, whereas softest is all the way to the left/anti-clockwise. To count the clicks, you should wind to the hardest setting, clockwise, and then count backwards.

    I've got a track day at Goodwood tomorrow so looking forward to having a play, cheers!
  16. As a new owner, I went through a lot of this too, getting used to what was best for the car. It came factory set at 5/10 and after a bit of tweaking i decided the best "scottish road" setting, was a compromise between factory and B road settings at 10/20 front and rear.

    Beast still torque steers at full throttle in 2nd / 3rd, but what do you expect, its 275+bhp through the front wheels!

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