275 Trophy in Gloucestershire

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  1. Hi Guys,

    My name is Mickael, I'm french and have lived in the UK for 5 years now. I've owned numerous of Clio sports, Megane Sports, M3s... and others but always wanted to get back to a Megane. They are such amazing cars, reliable and great value for money !!

    Here is my new 275 Trophy that I picked up on Wednesday, planning on turning it into a Trophy "Clubsport" as it will be going on the track !

    I'm really thinking about removing those grey trophy lines on the back of the car, not a huge fan of those !



    And here is one of my previous cars, a Clio 200 that I entirely modified, painted in lunar grey and fitted a Megane engine in it... Such a great car, I should have never sold it...!

    Before :


    After :

    PICT0046 (2).jpg


    Such great memories with this car !
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  2. keep the decals
  3. Keep the stickers
  4. Same as mine apart fron the 19 inch wheels! does it have ohlins? That clio looks like a weapon too! Which megane engine was in it?
  5. I was amongst the first ones to do this swap back in 2010, Megane 250 engines were hard to come by at the time !

    This was a Megane R26 engine + gearbox with a Megane 250 turbo. It was doing around 300ps. If I had to do it again today, I would fit both engine and gearbox of the 250 though, so much better and reliable !!


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  6. bienvenue, i am in tewksebury and i am french too. Nice cars love that Clio the stance and colour are great,
    Megane is great too i love those, whish i could have one
  7. Lovely car, I remember seeing that one up for sale, was a great price.

    That Clio is fantastic! I remember reading about it a few years ago i think, amazing attention to detail.

    I have a similar Megane with the decal delete, so take a look at mine to help make your mind up. I personally think it doesn't look as special without the stripes.

    Have been considering some matt black or charcoal ones.
  8. @tof73 I'm not far from Cheltenham, use to work in the Ashchurch Business Centre for a while !

    @Juk3sy Thank you ! Yes I did spend quite a lot of time in getting it as perfect as possible ! Regret it so much, nearly bought a Clio recently as I have a Megane 265 engine and gearbox in stock but I decided that it wasn't reasonable anymore and a Megane is much more reliable (and can be faster) than a swapped Clio !!

    Here is my brother's actual car in France, Megane 250 engine with 320ps and totally stripped out with most panels in fibre ! Please don't comment the color choice this is being worked on !!!!!



    Swapped Clios are a family thing !!
  9. lovely Clio like you say colour need to be worked on but a mental car in term of power to weight ratio.
  10. Hi! Your clio looked awesome! You don't seem to see many modified or even 'nice' cars in France! The french don't seem to care much for the automobile??

    What M3's have you had? I ask as I'm currently an owner of a very tidy e46 M3 with some quality track mods. CSL carbon intake, AP racing 6 pots, forged enginer rebuild (ready to be charged), and am potentially in the process of swapping it with an RS265 Trophy advertised on here.
  11. Hi mate, Oh yes the french do care a lot about cars !! Maybe not as much as english peolple though ! But you are right, there is not many highly modified cars around in France, mostly because changing a part to a "performance" one (exhaust, brake pads...etc) is prohibited, you've got to go for oem / oem-like parts !

    I used to have an E46 Carbon Schwarz M3 with SMG2. That was 6 years ago. I miss the sound of it !! But I prefer the MK3 Megane, this is such a great car if you're looking for a week-end / track car !

    If I could afford it right now, I would have an M3 E92 for the week-end and a Megane for the track. I have the Megane already so I'm not going to complain !

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