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  1. Good morning all, not that new here but have been fairly quiet since joining. I owned a 300 trophy Megane last year and while it was the best handling car I have ever owned the rock hard ride and firm recaro seats made me wince whenever I had a passenger and my other half refused to go out in it, so much so it had to go.

    Now I’m looking at possibly getting another car and I keep looking at a 275 trophy or cup s car. How are these for ride comfort? Are olhins cars firmer or softer day to day? I believe the recaro seats ( basically a cs seat) are the same with these and the newer 300 cars.

    I feel it’s a scratch that I need to itch but none are that local and I don’t want another buy and sell within a few months.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I had a 275 Nav on Cup Suspension and then Bilstein B14 and also on the 19"Steev Alloys then swapped to the 18" Tibors.

    The ride on the 19" wheels was pretty horrible, when I fitted the Tibors and Michelin PS4-S tyres it drove a LOT better and felt more comfortable - That being said, it was still a hot hatch with firmer than normal suspension so it wasn't like driving around in a diesel 3 series.

    I think the seats are slightly different in the 300 Trophy, however I mean very slightly. I found the leather Recaro ones in my 275 pretty comfy, I did a few long journeys with no real issues (I did however prefer the comfiness of the cloth ones in my old R27) but again, they're a solid seat so aren't going to be super comfy.

    I honestly think if you're wanting comfort and not to be upsetting the other half and passengers then maybe look down another route - You have to give up some of the practicality to get the handing/thrill of a hot hatch.

    I do get where you're coming from though, I hate having passengers in my R26 sometimes it's loud, vibrates, stinks of petrol but it's bloody brilliant - I just got a little diesel Clio to run alongside and if my other half doesn't like the R26 she can walk :tearsofjoy:
  3. If you get one with Ohlins the ride is great, even on 19s.
  4. I wouldn't bother, you'll be in the same boat. I also have a Focus 3 red edition, perfect compromise of handling, ride and comfort.
  5. Guess it depends on what you are used to I find it fine.

    Always had performance cars though. Intend to do 1500 miles later in summer with family going to Scotland.

    Its only when I go in fathers fiesta that he does not dodge potholes & drain covers. And you don't feel it. That I realise its stiff.

    Only cars I had that I thought were to stiff by comparison were Subaru STI & P1.
  6. I've recently picked up a 275 Trophy. Drove it home 330 miles and it took my back about a week to recover :tearsofjoy:

    19s with Potenzas which are rock hard but give lovely steering feel.
  7. How did the Billies compare to the cup?
  8. In terms of ride harshness/quality, I would say they were very similar and no worse than cup suspension.

    The car drove so much better with them on and looked great too - Albeit I only do fast road driving but the difference over standard cup was very noticeable, a lot more planted and coupled with the LSD it just loved the corners even more than standard!

    I did however get them cheap and there are plenty of other choices at similar money that might be better - but my experience with the B14's was good!
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  9. Thanks. If I change i really want something more compliant. Getting too old for this sort of car!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I think I would have to try one to make sure

    always had something performance to some degree, currently in an x3m
    which is actually very firm for the type of car it is
  11. Defo worth a try.

    Those BM's can be extra hard with RFT. Altho X3m perhaps does not have with being a 'm' car.

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