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  1. I had a bug STI and think the same, steering is a shit. I suppose you must to get used to it, but it give you a poor feeling.

    So Doook, you and your colleges have the half of units of R´s? And a lot of good tracks too?? Came on man!!:weary::weary::grin::grin:
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  2. Very nice. Do those bucket seats recline at all?
  3. No, they’re Pole Positions.
  4. Hi, I trying to make the RS 250 CUP better track car.
    I do stage 2, K&N filter, air duct for front brakes, CAE, remove all the rear things to reduce weight (seat, seat belts...).
    Now I want to make air duct for rear brakes, flat Floor (Like RK Design), front and rear braces and strut braces.
    Do you have ideas to do that?
    With the flat floor, do you meka better track times? I will make it with aluminium.
    A track video with my RS in Parana Argentine:
  5. I don't think there's any need for rear brake ducting as the rear brakes don't do too much work.

    I can't claim that the RK Design flat floor was functional. Over time it split from stress so I removed it. I would expect a custom made flat floor made from aluminium would be functional, especially at a high speed track like in your video.

    The Megane chassis is already quite stiff (for a road car) so I wouldn't expect any benefit from any bracing unless it's a welded in roll cage. You may increase rigidity from seam welding.

    The thing that will make a Megane (or any car for that matter) a better track car is; weight reduction, suspension and tyres in my view.
  6. Have you changed the ARB's?
  7. Thanks!! I take you consideration

    I already making the aluminum flat flor. (for under the car). Like this. Putting some pipes unther the aluminum to cold the rear brakes.
    RS FONDO.png
    I will try to modify the suspension without spend u$s 4000. My car cost me u$s 18000.

    I already take off rear seats to reduce kg.

    I will try to send pics when It finish.
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  8. what do you think about suspension performance? wich suspension height have better cornering performance? 20mm down from stock? or more?
  9. OEM front ARB. I experimented with installing a rear ARB but found it made no difference except for adding weight.
  10. You don’t want to go too low because you can negatively impact handling with roll centres, drive shaft angle and other geometry. Lower can help with aero but I wouldn’t go lower than 20mm and you want to have rake with the rear higher than the front.
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  11. That's different to what I found and not just on the Megane either. The rear has always been the biggest feel differential when I've changed these parts before.
  12. Ok, I till try to go 20/25mm down. No more than that.
    What is OEM front ARB... what is ARB? Sorry, I'm spansh and I haven't got all tecnical vocabulary.
    And, which suspension parameters do you use for track. These are my frequently circuits.
    Yesterday I visit a company that makes race suspensions, and I will try with them... but if you could give me data to talk to them, will be perfect. I only ran twice the Megane RS and I have poor knowledge.
    Thanks AUTODROMOS.png
  13. That’s certainly true for most front wheel drive cars. In my experience with the Subaru brand for example, if you could only do only one suspension mod, I would have a stiffer rear ARB. It significantly changes the handling characteristics.

    However, in the Megane it’s not the case and I think it’s because the solid rear beam already has more than enough rigidity. Probably why Renault Sport never fitted one in the first place. A race team here experimented with one here and their data didn’t show any improvement.
  14. Hi where did you download the track maps for the r link? I can’t seem to find them anywhere
  15. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture
    ARB = Anti-Roll Bar also known as a Sway Bar

    When you say parameters or data, do you mean suspension specifications or suspension settings?
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  16. I try to says alignment settings for megane rs (Mine is 250 cup)...toe, camber, caster.
  17. This! I've been trying to figure this out for a while now
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  18. Well, I did some mods for the RS, to travel with the tires more secure. The carry can take it off for track.
    Later I will try to reinforce the rear strut bar with some W tunes. 20210814_164159.jpg 20210814_164206.jpg
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  19. The rear brace was ok... the track time better!!
  20. yeah the information just doesn’t seem to exist anymore!

    Does anyone have the maps stored?
  21. A COVID care package has arrived from AP Motorsport.
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  22. :fearscream::fearscream::fearscream: See you in hell, hot brakes!!
  23. That's what the cooling ducts are for.
  24. Will the splitter provide any downforce enhancement?
  25. Yes because it’s chassis mounted as opposed to attached to the bodywork. It is also CFD designed.
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  26. Also I have titanium brake pad backing plates to manage the temperatures.
  27. 1mm?
  28. Yes, 1mm.
  29. Finish the Rear Brace connected to the rear shock absorber. Black Paint.
    I´ve already bought the comp brake advance and camber adjustable and the aluminun for the flat flor... more pictures on the go!!
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  30. Could you check de diference in temperature with and without the backing plates?
    When you goes to boxes, how heat are you front and rear brakes disks?
  31. be62826fcd2f2906296b30b44e579809.jpg
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  32. Is perfect!!! I couldn't buy these fiber/abs spoiler, dors and extras... May be in future.
    In Argentine is a track Sr. With all of this thing and an RS 265 with 1200kg and 450hp. Mine is 1380kg and 320hp
    I finish the rear flat floor and tested at 190km/s with a lot of crossing wind (more than 60km/s) without any problems. But I couldn't do acceleration test. I want a track to test it!
    On Monday arrives all the superpro bushes and the comp brake with camber and advance adjustments.

    May be can go from 3rd to 2nd and take the yaris gr place:sunglasses:
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  33. Aren’t they 0.6?
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  34. I stand corrected. 0.68 in fact.
  35. Yer cool, think I’m gonna buy the same. I’d been looking for 1mm as there was an old sale of some on eBay but seems they were a one off
  36. Last year: Dry and 35 degrees. This year: Wet and 10 degrees. Welcome to Bathurst!
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  37. Some dry conditions on the second day:

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  38. The highlights reel from the weekend...
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  39. Awesome track, would love to drive it!
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  40. Always play in PS4 sim... great track!! Thanks for the videos
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