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  1. Challenge Bathurst
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  2. and universal? to be able to adapt?
  3. I don’t think so but you’re best to contact TTE to get that information.
  4. So this is our "Nurburgring". So good! Can't wipe the smile off my face.
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  5. nice and noticeably quicker than previous vids, what software using speed frame rate up:tonguewink:
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  6. Nice track! You´re right, that remember the ring sometimes. It seems a bit narrow in some sections? Anyway, seems very funny!
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  7. Just needs some Benny Hill music.
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  8. The circuit was first opened in 1938 and is a genuine public road with a 60km/h speed limit and residents living around the track. It's never available for track days or fast laps like the Nurburgring. It closes just 4 of 5 times a year for racing events. This is a brief description of the circuit and brief history of the names of each corner: https://www.mount-panorama.com.au/track/the-circuit
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  9. Great stuff, always like watching races from Bathurst. V8 Supercars and the 12 hour GT3 race.
  10. Xclusive Carbon in Belgium. [emoji1045]
  11. Do you have a link at all?

    looks mint
  12. I could find them only on the Book of Faces.
  13. Mint ...as in cost a!
  14. I’ll ha
    I’ll have a looksy!
  15. An external view of the Megane doing its thing at Bathurst. Thanks to Colin in his EVO for sending me his clips.
  16. v nice, lovely flat body, what tyres you running there ??
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  17. cars obviously got some power.Evo had nothing in response.
  18. I thought the same Andrew, the R goes like a rocket!
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  19. Holly crap that is one hell of a circuit, you are so lucky
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  20. Nitto NT-01
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  21. The video doesn’t provide an accurate perspective of just how steep going back up the mountain is and that’s where I gained most time over the EVO.
  22. Tell me about it! It’s only open for racing a few times a year and now I’ve been spoilt. Doing other track days just doesn’t cut it anymore. All I can think about now is preparation for next years event.
  23. Well that really is something to look forward to :sunglasses::sunglasses:
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  24. So the Renault Sport community over here has had to remain patient for some time. However, it was well worth the wait as the master technicians at RenoTech put on a brilliant track day. Apart from the usual suspects, we also had an RS Spyder race car, Alpine and Clio V6 Cup race car. All of which feature in this video, although the Clio Cup car is at the very end of it.

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  25. :tearsofjoy: @ the v6 Clio, I knew it was coming just wasn’t sure how many corners they’d make it round first before the inevitable:tearsofjoy:
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  26. You have got to be pleased with the way yours is going now

    Looks very impressive
  27. That Meg looks very scary.

    I would be terrified if I saw in my read view mirror.
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  28. Indeed! I've made some aero changes, took the rear anti-roll bar off and had the clutch/brake system replaced with Motul 700 so it all went to plan.

    Also, after doing Bathurst, tracks like SMSP are not as daunting. It also helps that I did a regularity event on Saturday prior to the trackday. Video of that to come soon.
  29. A clip from the NSWRRC 6 Hour under lights.
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  30. Tell him about it to the blue Evo friend!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
  31. Is there a lot of Renaultsport cars in Australia?
  32. Yes! In 2015 it was the second biggest market in the world after France.
  33. wow..nows theres a fact you woulkd never guess..thats amazing!
    I wonder why the aussies love the Renaultsports?..you would think being so close to Japan,the import market would be flooded with evos,imprezas,type r`s etc.
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  34. you just knew it the second that V6 came into shot he was going off.That things so unstable,He was lucky not to total it, with it snapping away like that!
  35. I read the phase 2 was better for this?
  36. I heard this off a mate who lived there for a while, was a bit surprised because never would of thought it really, good to hear though.
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  37. That big old v6 mid mounted is always going to give you tricky handling
  38. You're not wrong, all the Japanese stuff still rules Downunder. The aftermarket options with JDM is endless and cheap. If we want to do anything to an RS, 90% of the time it's coming from the UK or Europe. These days the Golf has significantly dented the dominance of JDM.

    It kinda started with the Clio II. People who drove one were amazed with the driver feedback it gave. The JDM stuff at the time was generally fast and grippy but handling was awful and you had to do all sorts of things to them to make them last a track day. Then the Meg III arrived and real drivers loved them. So many guys track them completely unmodified except for tyres. Despite this they are still relatively unknown. I once got asked at a track day if my car was a Veloster!

    Ultimately the demand here meant we ended up with 50 of the 250 Meg III T-R's. Not bad!
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  39. I have a 275 and the wife drives a blob sti. The steering feel is terrible in it so light.

    Cannot believe that you got so many trophy r.

    Uk is bigger market than France. I think alot of the r26r were being repatriated to France when they were cheap a few years back.
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