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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by DOOOOK, May 3, 2017.

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  2. -Jamie-

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    You'll not need to service it for ages then, mate runs a gripper in his race Clio that's just done 2 full seasons and was taken out to be rebuilt this winter. Plates hardly have any wear on them.
  3. Two seasons ..... same diff.....nice if can stay top 5 and do that
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Championship winning car :wink:

    Regardless, plates had minimal wear
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  6. Just had a read through, very nice car indeed!
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  8. So Paul from RS Tuning has come to Oz to do some tuning. I thought I'd pop around for a power run:
  9. Nice, did you see much over 60 bhp outta that old thing ??
  10. Yes, but only just.
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  12. Good work keeping revs in power band and away from unessesary 7k and really nice to be able overtake either side
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  14. Very nice build. How does the vent on the bonnet work? Just extract hot air from inside the engine bay or does it serve another function too?
  15. is this wheel hp or crank ? at your previous pics, your power was more ? or i'm already sleepy :d
  16. Just extract the heated air from the radiator rather than it be pushed under the car.

    It's guessed HP at the flywheel. I asked for a flat power curve (rather than peaky) and flat torque curve as it shows.
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  17. Another brilliant sunny day at SMSP. Very cool and turbo friendly conditions but with the recent rain and cool temperatures, not so friendly for grip. Quite a few sessions red flagged due to offs. Including in this clip at the end where you see a sad Evo which has backed it into the wall exiting Turn 7 before the Turn 8 hairpin.
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  18. 255/40’s Dook? Fat sidewall.

    I’m running the 255/35’s - but for street/track - so I guess the speedo error won’t both you as track only.

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  19. Yup! On the street I run PS4S on the OEM Turini. For the speed on the track I use an external 10Hz GPS.
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  21. Now with water/meth kit fitted. Tuned by RP Customs with RS Tuning support. 235kW and 450Nm at the wheels. I don’t know what that means for those that use flywheel figures and imperial units but you’ll need to do your own conversion.
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  25. Awesome thread! If I had cash like this to spend... Its exactly how I'd do it... And on bikes as well lol

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  26. Thanks!

    If I had the cash, I’d go full forged build and an RS Tuning Garret Turbo Kit.
  29. RenoTech put on another epic track day last week for the R.S. crowd. In this clip I catch up to a Clio 172 with Meg 225 conversion and 1600 Maxi body kit.
  30. outstanding car but can you please stop posting videos of dry track and gorgeous blue sky's as it tearing at the very fabric of UK motoring community

    ...on you track days you allowed to overtake on both sides ???
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  31. Of course, it’s the Australian way !

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  32. Ha! It was actually quite a warm day at 34 degrees. On the flip side our drought conditions and threatening bush fires are a serious issue.

    So the track has both left and right corners. I think passing on one side only increases risk. It is the responsibility of the faster/overtaking car to do so in a safe manner. The slower car should stick to the racing line unless they point to pass and move over. It’s made very clear that it’s a track day, not a race. Therefore, as a slower car if you’re not letting a faster car pass then you’re a tool.
  33. so can you actually overtake on corners then ?? in UK its only on straight and usually just one side
  34. Went to Spa with a group of guys from Holland, they liked the UK track rules, said they felt safer, overtaking on the left only, no overtaking in the braking area's or corners.

    What gets me though is the ones on a "cool down lap" they drive way to slow and don't look in the mirrors.
    So you catch up to a car in say a 60mph corner there doing 35-40 so you have to brake and wait, i have stopped on the right of the track before to let cars passed.
  35. Only if you have indicated to do so as the slower car. Dive bombing is not allowed. On the flip side, if you're not watching your mirrors and allowing faster cars to pass then you'll be spoken to.
  36. If you're on a cool down lap here and not watching your mirrors and/or not pointing to pass then you'll get spoken to. Any cars that stop on or off track will immediately red flag the session and have emergency vehicles attend to that vehicle.
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  38. manugtt

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    One of my favorites cars! And you are doing with it exactly that must to do. The trophy R is one of those car built to enjoy. I know one owner in Spain and only use it for clean it on weekends.
    Waitting for more post!
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