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  1. 279-YuriChernenko-003.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-003.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-005.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-007.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-011.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-014.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-018.jpg
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  2. 279-YuriChernenko-024.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-026.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-035.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-037.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-041.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-046.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-024.jpg 279-YuriChernenko-026.jpg
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  3. Amazing pictures man, the R seems a beast!!
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  4. I snuck in a twilight track event this week.

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  5. NICE drive!! Nice track!!
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  6. I will try to cold the IC with water spray.
    On Thursday I go to a Dyno and make 4 runs without and 4 using the water spray. Then I will try boostane to elevate the octane.

    IMG-20220224-WA0112.jpeg 20220224_173348.jpg
  8. There is an error when clic to play the video
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  10. Really 6 hours? The car was ok? You have a team to change tires? Excellent!!

    A friend send me a video to try something different charging my driving style. What do you thinks braking to the apex... the video explanation:

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  11. It was a regularity relay over six hours: We had six drivers that did around one hour each in their own car. We swapped after doing a stint that lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. In my case, I did three stints that lasted just over an hour in total.

    Yes, I agree with that video in general. I trail brake into most tight to medium corners because I want weight and therefore grip on the front tyre that is taking most of the load. However, the transitions must be gentle unless I'm trying to unsettle the car by rotating the rear. Long, fast turns that open where you get much less weight transfer is a different approach for me, more like a traditional rear wheel drive application. However, for the tighter turns, in general, my approach is to late brake hard, then turn to rotate the rear, then ease off the brake as I turn towards the apex, then ease onto the throttle until I can see the exit at which point I should have the throttle hard on the fire wall.
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  12. I tried to do all the break tip, but mi tire setup was difficult. The front tires goes to 36 grade Celsius or more.


    I'd make the fifth place of 65 cars.
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  13. With La Nina smashing all of our east coast over the past year, getting a dry track day has been a challenge. So, I decided to take a 2,500km round trip (1,550 miles) to our newest racing circuit The Bend. It was previously the Mitsubishi Motors proving ground but with all local manufacturing drying up, it was thankfully turned into world class racing circuit.

    The GT circuit is apparently the second longest in the world at 7.8km but I did the International circuit at nearly 5km. The sun was out and I had a blast. And what an amazing car, it didn't miss a single beat.

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  14. The yearly pilgrimage to Bathurst...
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  15. 409-YuriChernenko-005.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-007.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-017.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-029.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-030.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-032.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-065.jpg
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  16. 409-YuriChernenko-053.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-054.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-055.jpg 409-YuriChernenko-056.jpg
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  17. That was very close!!:fearscream::fearscream:
  18. That was actually contact. Fortunately the only damage was two marks on the lower door mould from his wheel. My analysis is in the description in the video.
  19. Obviously, the MG invade your line, that isn´t a genteel movement in my opinion. Anyway, I´m glad your R only had little scratches.
    By the way, have you notice the marshal in the 3rd and 4th picture?? Hands in head!:smile:
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  20. It's been a while since I've posted...
    Here's a short clip from Challenge Bathurst held in November 2023.
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