265 engine forging

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by ianplymouth, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Ffs, such a small thing.... I told you I couldn’t imagine it being something major.

    Tbh, if this was the case I’d try to bend them straight through the crank sensor hole
  2. Hi Ian,

    I had this a few years ago after replacing my flywheel and clutch etc on my 230 and must have set it down and bent a tooth. After a bit of messing about with the scope i worked out the car wasnt picking up a tooth on the flywheel but rather than taking the box out again i made a tool to hook over the tooth and pull it out. I probably still have it in my toolbox and could send it to you but basically it was just a small washer with a 6mm thread welded to it and it fits in the flywheel sensor hole and hooks over the tooth then fit a couple of washers and tighten a nut down gently and pull it out a bit at a time and just keep checking until its right. It saved me a lot of time and the car never looked back.
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  4. Jamie really great info there mate, really appreciate that, although the car is still at EFI i might go and collect it, i have a spare flywheel for a 250 and i might have a couple of weeks spare to do the job :laughing::laughing:

    To be honest i would probably pull the engine out again, getting good at it now :openmouth::openmouth: it will give me something to do
  5. They are the spare flywheels i have, the one on the right is a 250 one, the left is a 225 one, this picture was taken when i was fitting the 250 engine to the 225 gearbox, the 250 gearbox is slightly deeper that's why there's a difference in height.

    The damaged flywheel is still in the car and at EFI 280 miles away :cry::cry::cry:
  6. That's interesting - a trigger wheel on the flywheel. Is there not one in the block that picks up directly from the crank? That toothed wheel looks like it would be prone to damage when handled, especially given the weight. It's this sort of thing that makes you think design engineers don't know one end of a spanner from the other :grinning:
  7. It is certainly on the flywheel and not anywhere else, there is a camshaft sensor and nothing that pick up directly from the crank.

    I was really careful or so i thought, live and learn, that way you never forget :laughing::laughing:

    Things would be a lot better designed if mechanics did the job, but then things wouldn't break :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  8. Are we 100% that it's a damaged tooth? Don't want to get too carried away.
  9. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Great job Ian! Unfortunately, those little accident happen, if we don´t realize...can make us crazy. Well, now the engine are fixed and ready for fun. I hope you enjoy it as soon al possible.
  10. Chris looked at the signal output from the sensor and it was all over the place, he then used bore scope through the hole and saw the bent and the misshapen one, so he's sure that is the problem
  11. Thanks Manu, i hope it helps others in the future.

    I have to say that this has or was driving me nuts, took the engine out 4 times in total trying to sort this silly problem out, someone did say it was going to be something silly, but honestly didn't think it would be this, will be extra careful and vigilant next time.

    Anything mechanical or electrical i am fine with, electronics is totally different matter and if its linked with a computer i'm really out of my depth :cry::cry:
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  12. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Thats exactly happened with me. Mechanical is not a problem, normaly I understand every sistem. Electrical...is a bit harder, buy electronic...I´m like an elephant in a kitchen:sleepy::sleepy:
    Thanks for share your experience, it can be usefull to anybody! Takking seat in this proyect!!
  13. I'm thinking of collecting my car this week, i might have some spare time this week and next, i would love to pull the engine out again :openmouth::openmouth:
    i'm still waiting for him to get back to me on a price though :confused:
  14. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    One question Ian, I can see a red line stickers on the sides of your Meg and not the first car that I see with them in UK. Are they from any special edition or simply an aftermarket sticker?? Looks nice!
    I don´t have clear the differents models of MRS3, for example, not all have the front blade in red colour, isn´t it?? It´s there any thread in forum that resume the different editions?
    Sorry many questions!!:sweatsmile:
  15. I am 100% sure it was a factory fitted stickers, it was a demonstrator car before the guy who had it before me, i very much doubt he had them fitted and i certainly haven't put them on, i do see some variations in the stickers, it's probably a random thing from Renault parts bin :laughing::laughing:
  16. That's about as definitive as you can get I suppose!
  17. I am sure it is, not much else to check :openmouth:
  18. still cant see how you bent the teeth.Must have bumped against something as you lifted it out.?
  19. or when trying to get the gearbox back on
  20. Fair play to Chris @efi though! Renault pretty clueless.
  21. I think he has a better/different test kit than Clip, he says he doesn't use clip for programming as it easier to adjust setting with this other one he uses
  22. The stickers are original... it was called "Renault Red Design" and at an official distributor, it is very expensive, only for stickers :confused::confused:

    Now that you know the engine problem, let's hope that nothing else happens ... luck in the clutch assembly, and be very careful :grimacing::grimacing:
  23. Cheers Mate
    Thanks for the info, it was a demo car so they would have specked it to make it stand out a bit i'm sure :laughing::laughing:

    I hope that this fixes the problem, spent a lot of time trying to sort it out, let alone the stripping and forging, had to cancel one trackday already :cry::cry::cry:
  24. Collected my car today, Left this morning at 09-30 got back home at 21.00

    Will see how work pans out, might start pulling it apart this week.
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  25. essential travel i am sure young man!..boris will be sending the boys round to slap the cuffs on!
  26. ha ha ha
    it was essential, what am i going to do for 12 weeks, i saw 4 police cars on the way up, one had stopped a VW Amorak so he was pulled for speeding, not seen one yet doing less than 20mph over the speed limit.

    Saw 2 cars and one bike on the way home, the biker was staring at his non flashing blue lights :laughing::laughing:

    Started tonight to pull the engine out, there's no point in rushing it is there, i have my other work to do as well :neutral:
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  27. im still on the building site..i doubt it for much longer though.2 weeks and the country will be shut right down..and enforced by the military.My friends who are precision engineers are making 2000 respirators for the uk government as we speak..i am telling you,the countrys going to be in viral Armageddon very soon.
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  28. Your self employed aren't you ???
    I am a sole trader, there is no way i can even pay for my workshop on the amount the government are proposed to be handing out, let alone the mortgage.

    I went to work at a marina today, saw 3 people from a distance that's it, bit like yesterday i isolated myself in my car :laughing::laughing:
  29. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Not your country alone Andrew, the same film in many others.:weary::weary:
  30. i am..which is why i am still on site.Only me and my labourer,so we are isolated.But lots of talk of sites being shut due to fkn idiot site workers standing shoulder to shoulder.I will be packing it in this week.All you need to do is see the 4000 bed temp hospital they are building to understand,we are not getting the full truth of how bad this is going to get.
  31. i know how bad spain and italy are...and that same level of infection will be in this country in 2 weeks.And yet no one is listening,even though the uk is supposed to be on lockdown.The coasts at the weekend where jam packed with people!
  32. I am just going to keep away from people, trouble is the wife is working at a school looking after doctors, nurses etc etc kids, so if the medical staff catch it, pass it onto there kids and then my Mrs gets it, just got to try and limit the contact i have with people.
    Traffic yesterday up as far as Birmingham was pretty light after that it got very busy and never really got any lighter.
    On the way back it was better and once i got to Exeter it was very light traffic.

    Left home this morning to return the trailer, the police were pulling cars on the road outside my house, two days running apparently, that is the only thing i have seen like that.
  33. We're all in the same boat it seems!

    I've still been on site but it's a new build in the middle of nowhere, I'm alone as I've told my guys to go home! Not in today as the new laws take effect so I'm concerned I'll get caged by the regime for not having a permit!

    It's like we've awoken in 1984, it was so easy for them to do it too!
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  34. will see what the government come up with today and go from there, still had a customer yesterday asking when his jet ski would be finished :confused::confused:

    They won't lock you up, as there seems to be a lot of infected people in prisons, so they will be increasing the problem :laughing::laughing:
  35. Yeah I've had calls from old people asking me to look at roof problems!

    Pretty sure the economic fall out will kill way more people than the virus ever could tbh! Considering a huge portion of our food is from overseas, if people begin to go hungry then the concept of money is out of the window anyway!

    I'm a pessimist at the best of times, but beginning to think we could be on the same path as the Romans and all previous civilisations before us. :fearscream:
  36. Engine got lifted out this morning, removed the gearbox and yes found two bent tangs on the flywheel.
    Straightened them out and checked them all with a made up a checker.

    Put the gearbox back on and now the engine is now back in the car, just need to finish off the connecting up and then fire it up and see what happens.
  37. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Yeah Ian! All that job in one day? Have you lunch at least??:tonguewink: When have to remove mine, I´ll pay you a ticket to Bilbao!
    Seriously, I hope your problems are finished. Waiting for news!
  38. I did start undoing things yesterday, finished off late morning and then the engine on the floor, took the box off and sorted what we believe the problem is.

    Refitted the box and put the engine back in, it's in a position to be run up but i am that confidant its fixed i'm putting it all back together.

    My 225 engine i could get it out in 2hrs 20 minutes, that's from driving it into the workshop to having the engine on the floor, i don't have a ramp, i just have a jack and an engine hoist.

    Think the 265 could be done quicker than i have done it, but at the moment there's really no rush :cry::cry::cry:
  39. Fingers crossed for the big start up tomorrow then.

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