265 Clutch Bleeding?

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  1. Hey Folks

    “Long time listener, first time caller”

    2013 RS 265
    2.0L - 6speed Manual

    Sorry for the story.

    Finally got around to changing my cabin air filter this week. What a #### of a job.

    Anyways, after successfully replacing the filter, (to my surprise there was none to replace) I accidentally knocked the top line off the clutch M/C, which I assume is the “low pressure” supply line from the reservoir.

    After much frantic screaming and swearing I decided to let the fluid drain until it stoped dripping, so I could carefully clip the line back into the M/C. I finished the job and prepared to feel a dead clutch peddle at worst or a spongy one at best.

    To my surprise the clutch feels fine, I topped up the fluid and probably could call it a day.

    My question, the air must be in the system somewhere, I know deep down I should probably bleed the system, but for what reason as everything feels fine.

    What would you all do in this case.
    Count it down to luck and hope the air has bleed through the reservoir (unlikely perhaps)
    Bleed the system just in case?

    Love to hear your opinions.

  2. Air has gone into the brake master cylinder reservoir - shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure level is ok.

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