250 V's Clio Cup race car

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by git-r, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Great bit of sport, considering how focussed the Clio is and how the Megane is totally stock other than alignment I was really impressed!

    They really are superb on track!!

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  2. What wheels and tyres are you running?
  3. Using the stock 19's with AD08R's.

    Clio was on slicks with sequential box etc. Proper bit of kit. Should've been quicker!
  4. I think the Clio cup car in the proper hands would leave a meg 250......
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  5. Great vid! Snetterton is a bit more of a power circuit than say Brands but you kept up pretty easily. I love Megane's hence I race in one!

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  6. yeah it should have been quicker, he didn't seem to have any more grip. The AD08R's were sustaining 1.1g round the corners. Not on the brakes though, still on stock pads, my excuse anyway :smile:
  7. Where/when are you racing Matt? :smile:
  8. Brands Hatch, last weekend of March. First round of the season. I am in the BARC South East Tin Tops. Still a novice so a lot of learning to do! I am there last Sunday of this month for a shakedown.

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  9. unfortunately I'm away end of march. Is it a track day end of this month?
  10. Yes Trackday 26th Feb, I have a garage more than welcome to jump in?

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  11. That's really kind but don't think I can make that day. I've already booked 24 Feb lol. If I am free I'll pop down and bring the cameras :smile:
  12. No worries

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  13. Your not at Oulton are you on the 24th Feb I'm at Oulton then lol, 1st outing in my 250 since I bought it but my wheels won't be here in time so I'm thinking of just running the 19s that are on (new AD08R on the front but some verstein or something on the back with plenty of tread) was just gonna see how it goes as I don't wanna spend 250 of 2 new AD08R (unless I find some part worb) to put on the back for one day then try and sell them, as I Normally run 888/A048 etc on my Clio which was sold to make way for the 250.
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  15. I'm at brands on the 24th.. just enjoy the car as is, you could always get a couple of good brand part worns if you don't find AD08R's. There's a guy selling some cup 2's in 19's in the for sale section under 19" turini wheels.

    First track day I did in mine was just a few days after I'd bought it. It still had the 2011 continentals on it but surprisingly didn't chew the outside edge too badly, because I was spinning the wheels a bit it tore chunks out the centre section of the fronts though. Was still quick enough to stay with my mates new focus rs though :smile:
  16. Nice vid but shame about the positioning of the camera.

    Have you ever timed yourself at Snett?

    Going back there tomorrow, can't wait!!

    Then Brands on Sunday...

    Did I mention that already??

  17. Snetterton 300 I've done a 2.17 but can see where I need improvement, virtual best was 2.16 but once the cars set up and I've nailed a few corners hopefully that will come down
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  18. Are you at brands tomorrow? If so I'll pop up
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  19. I am there tomorrow

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  20. I
    Should be up there to have a watch
  21. Great, come and say hi!

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