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Discussion in 'Mechanical - Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust etc' started by Mr David J McClone, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Hi

    I want a better note to my 250 and the first place to start is a mid box delete.
    ......but I do not want to be driving it around trying to keep the car quite, I would rather have growl at about 4500rpm when I want it....if that makes sence.

    Im 50 and am way passed pissing next door off or the whole street by driving away but just once in a while....you know its going to happen.....the condition are good...road is clear and tidy and like a flash the choice is made.....down a gear and make it scream........
  2. Mid box chop is where you want to start
    First mod i made to mine. In normal mode, i’d say it’s 10-20% raspier. If you bought it with it done, just driving in normal mode you wouldn’t think its been done so remains OE sounding.

    still OE sounding in sports mode too but definitely opens up on full throttle past 3/4k rpm to redline. With pops and bangs off the throttle < so long as you don’t mind that, do it for sure
  3. I wouldn’t pay more then £40-60.
    Had a range of quotes when i did mine, some silly as £150+
  4. Agree with Ahmed. I’ve done the mid box delete on mine and it is slightly louder in normal and more so in sport mode but nothing like full system loud.
    It’s just the right amount for me, I did mine myself with the help of a friends ramps. Cost me £45 and that was just the pipe.
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  5. Ahmed918 thank you that is what I want to know. I want the car to be subtle most of the time and a roar once in a while...
  6. Perfect thank you. Yes you are right on the price and its something I want to have a go at unlike the spring...I paid to get them done and they found a failed top mount..so luck for me as it would of been a nightmare using a jack........ Thanks Cheers
  7. I have one im watching on ebay for £45 so that cool. Thank for post lots of people been helpfully...its magic
  8. This is the pipe I bought off eBay.

  9. Thats the one. Cool payday has happened so ill crack on with it. Thanks for the help.
  10. Delete Pipe has been purchased...now I can wait
    .. yippee
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  11. and i'm going to put a centre box back in :laughing::laughing:
  12. Thanks I will keep mine just in case as im getting a local trusted garage to fit it as for the cost of it and me rolling around on back its worth it.
    I only wish I kept the spring when they were swapped.

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