250 intercooler recommendations please

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by ~Shaun~, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. ~Shaun~

    ~Shaun~ RSM Club Member

    Evening everybody,

    I've got my deposit down on a 250 Cup, I'm collecting a week on Saturday and counting down the hours already :blush:

    It already has a map on the car, so one of my first mods will be to uprate the cooler, the car is mainly being bought for track days and trips to The Ring.

    Any feedback please from your experiences with after market coolers, thanks in advance.
  2. I have had an Airtec fitted which i had to return due to a fault with the core ( flow was being restricted). I now have a Pro alloy fitted. From having both , the Airtec does seem quite agricultural in build quality to the Pro alloy. No doubt someone else will have another view on them, but this is from my own experience.
  3. The Renault Dealer in Adenau who prepares a lot of the fast 250/265/275's at the Ring has just completed development, testing and is now building a new high capacity inter-cooler shown here fitted into a 275 Trophy


    according to them the results are better than any other inter-cooler available having tested what's out there and hence developing there own for the environment here. If you are coming over then maybe plan on getting it done here? I am taking my 250 in for one in the next few weeks before the season starts so I'm convinced enough to pay out my own money!
  4. I know fitting mine was an absolute cnut of a job, I think the outlet bend was maybe a degree or two out of spec but that's speculation. Made good power with it on though at 304bhp after a map so...

    How did you find out it was restricting out of interest?

    Looks lovely in black though, nice and subtle :smile:
  5. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Really? Mine fitted straight on and was a relatively easy job, Hardest part was removing the bumper.

    I had mine mapped an RR'd before i put the cooler on, Im due back to get a couple issues sorted so ill update if it is indeed restrictive and causing a loss of power when its on the RR again.

    Main reason i chose the Airtec was the price point. It seems all the coolers out there have some flaws though, Pro alloy is massively restrictive to the OEM radiator causing water temps to spiral, Similar to the original Forge item. Forge do a smaller one now mind you but the price point is a bit laughable.

    Wagner do a cooler for it as well, if its anything like their products for other cars then i wouldn't of hesitated to get one when i got the Airtec, Alas it wasn't available at that time.
  6. Went to Rs tuning for decat & remap & couldnt get no more than 301bhp(fitted with a Milltek full system & panel filter). Paul suggested that the only problem it could be was the intercooler. Refitted the std intercooler on the car, went back & did a power run with that which gave 310bhp, then had the Pro alloy fitted & ended up with 319bhp. Sent the Airtec back & they tested it, & informed me that there was an issue with the flow on it. They were straight up & honest with it with no bullshit & gave me a refund.

  7. Weird, maybe mine could make more power!! :smiley: Though mines just got the IC and panel filter so maybe you just got a bad one.
  8. As Jamie said, my water temps dont hang about with getting up to temperature,but not had any issues with it, even on a trackday. Will probably fit the turbo cooler if/when i get hybrid.
  9. ~Shaun~

    ~Shaun~ RSM Club Member

    Any idea on price for this one ?, I'd be interested to hear any feedback when you get yours fitted.

    Some great replies guys, thank you, I do know Pete from Spec-R, who does a lot for the Ford and Jap cars, I may ask if he could produce something, I'll report back once I've spoken to him.
  10. That german place looks pretty cool, like the look of the clubman cage for just under £1k fitted.
  11. I have a Pro kit in my boot awaiting fitment, once it's warmed up a bit. Anyone who's fitted 1 is it a simple job (I'm fully competent with a set of spanners)?
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Pretty expensive for a half cage, I still haven't decided whether I'm going full or half but a half custom cage from Scott McMinn up here is £400 and a full 6 point weld in is 1k, Obviously plus paint but that isn't that much.
  13. Oh I didn't realise, I just thought it looked pretty :smile:
  14. Full cage
  15. Hardest part is removing the bumper. The screws either side under the wheel arch liners can be tricky at first. I also found it strange how the hoses connect up to the intercooler. They use very flimsy looking clips that push into a groove on the intercooler instead of jubilee clips.

  16. Yeh and make sure they're fitted on properly, very easy to only get them half on and the boost pipes will just blow off otherwise.

    I think they're very secure if they're fitted right, but just a bit of a git to fit.
  17. Interesting looking cooler wagner, was considering it for mine, they good then wagner?
  18. I have a had a full cage fitted in Chromoly steel (lighter and stronger than mild steel) €1,350 for the cage.

    Some pictures here.

    Rollcage (1).JPG
    Rollcage (2).JPG
    Rollcage (3).JPG


  19. Lot of the Audi RS boys fit them...thinking getting one for mine.
  20. mie


  21. mie


    Thanks man.

  22. What spec is your cage? I see they have three versions with numerous different options?
  23. ~Shaun~

    ~Shaun~ RSM Club Member

    Well, I have ordered a Pro alloy kit, I got it for an excellent price through a mate, the only problem is, it is a 3 week wait.

    I've had Pro-Alloy in the past on previous cars and the quality is very good.

  24. Excellent choice, very easy to fit as well. Have you bought the turbo cooler as well?
  25. ~Shaun~

    ~Shaun~ RSM Club Member

    Yes mate, both ordered up :cool:
  26. Has anyone tried the Wagner one yet?
    I'm really interested to hear how people have got on with them.
  27. Hi to all. I'm a new member here and I recently bought a RS250. I've been upgrading it with some mods before a remap. Just wanted to know from you guys what's the best performance intercooler upgrade for the car please.

    Cheers from Portugal
  28. in portugal;i would say wagner intercooler
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  29. Thanks a lot mate! ✔️
  30. got one on mine very nice indeed and better i believe for the warmer climate
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  31. I recommend Wagner Tunning for megane because pro alloy depends on the use and the weather you may have problems with water overheating
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  32. If I speak weird, it's normal, I'm Spanish.:blush:

    better than my spanish lol
  33. defiantly wagner..doesnt block the radiator,and it proven to perform.
  34. RS250 castle combe

    RS250 castle combe RSM Club Member

    Wagner are brilliant coolers , I had one on my 335d running hybrid turbo's and I want to change my Megane Pro alloy cooler in for Wagner , don't get me wrong the pro alloy is an excellent well made cooler.. just that personally I think they block to much of the water rad , where as the Wagner uses a stepped design ,sits below the cross member ...
    don't want to start a conflict :blush: just my opinion..
  35. yep..the `L` shaped cooler does a far better job of not blocking the rad.
    In a hot country,or hard track abuse,the is the one.
    Not to mention the high quality build...but you will pay for it though..
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