250 Headlight Washer Cover

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by PahLok, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. PahLok

    PahLok RSM Club Member

    Hi, I've bought the car already with one missing but it's been more difficult to get the cover that I was expecting. Not worried about the colour as can get it painted along with the repair in that area.


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  2. PahLok

    PahLok RSM Club Member

    For anybody who's also looking for one: I went to the Warwick dealer and even the parts guy couldn't find it on the electronic parts catalogue. In the end he had to call Renault UK who gave him a part number. 36 quid unpainted :sleepy:
  3. If you haven’t got one yet I’ve got one of these in a box. Had to buy a pair from the dealer and only needed passenger side
  4. PahLok

    PahLok RSM Club Member

    Mine's driver side, that would work great. How much you want mate?

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