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  1. Hi Guys, after a bit of help if possible! My 2010 Cup doesn't activate cruise/limiter when the rocker switch is pressed into either selection. Neither of the icons illuminate on the dash, so could it be the switch that's packed up, or the stearing squib? I'd have thought if it's the squib the lights would still light but the stearing buttons wouldn't do anything!? The fuse is obviously ok as the horn works (think they are on the same engine bay bay fuse) Any advise/experience welcome! Ta
  2. I'd start at the cruise control switch and see it's come loose underneath
  3. Yeah I've done that, all seems connected up ok! Clutch and brake plunger switches all seem ok aswell It doesn't have any noticeable clicking going on from the stearing wheel either!
  4. had the same issue after renualt loaded the latest soft on my car. Never activated the cruise control and speed limiter. Had to take it back and they sorted it out for me.

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  5. Looks like a trip to stealer at some point then! The interior been swapped out with one from a Lux car so could have spat its dummy out!
  6. I've the same issue but it has just stopped for no reason what so ever.
    Could it not be a seperate fuse?
  7. Mine seems to be a dead short somewhere in the wiring. Looks like a previous owner chaffed some cables when the armrest console was swapped with one from a Lux pack car as I replaced the switch and it decided to smoke and burn out lol! KTEC had a quick look when it was there for a couple of other bits and said theyd need it longer to trace the fault so rather than chase shadows I've left it for another day ! Incidentally the fault with my cruise means I don't have to put my foot on the clutch or brake pedal to start the car either !
  8. get anywhere with this ?
    got same problem
  9. I haven’t looked at it for a bit, but the last code suggests a faulty paddle switch (steering wheel one I understand) mine appears to have a replacement clock spring set up as the stalk for the lights has “auto” on it and mines a cup so doesn’t have auto lights! Probably faulty second hand replacement in the first place!
  10. i have a tpms fault currently read somewhere might be related, going to having proper look at weekend let u know if i get anywhere

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