250 & 265 picture thread

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  1. Aye definitely!
  2. f6410d9ff30e3b0f97181e6c2e58de10.jpg



    Empty car park. Why not
  3. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    May just ban you until I get one haha. Looks so good.

  4. Sorry mate :tongueout:
  5. Silver does look sweet as hell!!! Great looking! Love the gf/wife in the car! Exactly the same as mine...."for fucks sake again? Hurry up then!"
  6. I still haven't seen another silver one on the road and quite like it! Haha, I caught her on a good day :wink:
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Silver does look incredible on them, Really shows off the lines of the car. Sometimes i wish i had went for a metallic colour instead of the Yellow
  8. Looking good chaps :cool:

    Gave mine a wash today.....





  9. where did you get your centre caps from mate? I tried to retro-fit R.S. caps, but couldn't get them to fit
  10. Just got them from Renault mate, fitted fine, same size as the originals that came on my car
  11. They're standard 265 cup centre caps.
  12. Yeah I know, but those are 250 wheels so I guess I must be able to get hold of ones that fit.
  13. I think I've still got the invoice at home mate, I'll check the part number when I get home tonight.

    I actually thought they were the same size for both 250 and 265, might be worth dropping an email to Ads to double check.
  14. Yea the holes are are the same size.
  15. the holes are the same size, but the ones I have bought previously didn't have the correct grooves to slot into the centre. ended up snapping one.
  16. Last of my photo flurry. Went for a B road blast today and pulled over for a few snaps



  17. uploadfromtaptalk1426966738250.jpeg uploadfromtaptalk1426966760414.jpeg uploadfromtaptalk1426966781882.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1426966802480.jpg
    Some shots of my trophy at trackday.
  18. That looks fantastic. Are the decals OEM?
  19. No.
    One of my buddy doing vinyl wrapping did it.
  20. Just waved goodbye to my beast. Feeling depressed! :worried:

  21. You'll be back in one before you know it
  22. Parked outside the Thekla in Bristol, looking cool[​IMG]
  23. DSC_0143_zpstxnx2hdh.jpg

    Just want rid of these wheels and get her on some 18s
  24. 18's are the way
  25. Indeed!!
  26. Oli


    Gave the car a quick wash last weekend after it had a load of Saharan sand dumped on it and was looking sorry for itself.



    Much better :cool:
  27. How about 17's? I'm debating whether or not to get the ultraleggera's in 17 for the track lol
  28. I wouldn't know mate
  29. See a few at the ring running 17s
  30. Yeah they look pretty sweet
  31. Was thinking about a set of 17s but they must be difficult to get to fit over the brakes
  32. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    You sure they were 17's?

    Most of them out there run 18 or 19's.
  33. Forgive my lack of knowledge but what are the benefits from downscaling to 18's guys?
  34. Cheaper tyres lol
  35. Sharper turn in, slightly better grip, more comfortable ride, cheaper tyres
  36. 100% 17s their was a few of them running them.

    Cleaned my today[​IMG]
  37. ..and weight, especially unsprung mass.

    You'd be amazed the change in feeling a lighter set of wheels makes, I had some on my Clio that were about 3Kg lighter per corner and the car felt much more willing on/off throttle and steering direction changes were improved immensely.
  38. Cheers. Might give it some thought.
  39. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    There is very little noticeable difference going from OEM 19's to OEM 18's on these though. Cheaper tyre prices are negligible these days as well.

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