225 vibration when idle - not mounts?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've recently bought a 2006 rs megane 225. I've noticed that it has a problem with vibration when idling. Once I increase the revs, it appears to die down a lot but still as I am driving it is occasionally noticeable as I can see the rear view mirror blurring every now and then (though it isnt anywhere near as bad as when idling).

    I'm no mechanic but forums seemed to suggest engine mounts. I took it to a garage that I trust, and they said that when they 'barred the bush on the rear engine mount' the vibrations died down from the cabin but could still be felt on the engine, and that there wasn't much play at all in the mounts so in their opinion it wouldn't be worth changing them- it would just mask the problem a bit.

    But they didn't know what else to suggest. I'm thinking of taking it to Renault but I figure that'll be pricey, so I thought I'd look to my very good friend the internet for advice first.

    I'd be really grateful for suggestions of anything I can check. I have access to a pit and a mechanically minded friend. and the misplaced confidence to try things myself.

    thanks in advance!
  2. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    I have the same problem. Sometimes when the engine is really cold, the wing mirrors vibrate too.
  3. How much was your mount? I might change mine for the fact its done
  4. I think it was 73 quid delivered give or take a pound or two
  5. From what you describe, it sounds like the main top engine mount (the one between the cambelt cover and the coolant header tank). Mine didn't look too bad (53k, 07 plate), but when it was replaced it completely eliminated the vibration at idle. I wasn't convinced it would make a difference, but the difference was night and day.

    Can you get your finger in the gap at the top of the mount? If you can its probably sagged.

    Also, its a fluid filled mount, so designed to absorb vibration, but it will deteriorate - probably best use the genuine Renault part for maximum smoothness. Try Ads@Renault on here.


  6. Braintree-20130319-00043_zpsfa550fca.jpg


    as above. you can see how the old one has collapsed compared to the new one. changing this mount alone makes a big difference inside and out. easy to do too.
  7. As suggested above, I bought a febi one 6 months ago, its already sagged (further than the OE one did when that had failed) and the vibrations have returned.

    Get a genuine one.

  8. Heres mine

  9. Wow thanks guys for all the thorough and quick answers, I'll investigate when I get home and post back. Would you only change the one mount or is it a good idea to do them all? Could someone recommend exactly which parts I should get, maybe with a hyperlink? Sorry to be dumb, im just very paranoid ever since ordering the wrong timing belt kit for my last car.

    Thanks again

  10. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Interesting. Might look at getting mine changed.
  11. I think it's mostly the top engine mount search for ads@renault he will sort you out and cheaper than going straight to dealer win win
  12. ^^ this

    It won't hurt to change them all, but the vibration issues seem to be mostly with the main top one. probably not worth changing them all if your garage think they're ok - just try the top one.

    Call Ads for parts: http://www.rsmegane.com/showthread.php?219-Ads-renault&highlight=ads@renault
  13. Hi all,

    Thanks for your help so far. I'll definitely check out ads@renault . I was just wondering if you all could take a look at my photos of my top engine mount - I can get my finger in the gap, but not quite over the top of the centre bit (though very nearly). Sorry for the poor quality photos (it is dark), and sorry for my nasty crusty finger:


    Do you reckon this is the culprit?

    Thanks very much everyone.
  14. Oh one more thing - is it safe to drive like this? The car JUST had an MOT in January.
  15. Thanks all. Im going to replace it and will post back the results. Cheers for your help
  16. Hi All. I had the mount changed today (10 quid at a local garage because I got the part myself from ads@renault for a great price). It is like a new car! No nasty vibes at all, no noise or rattling, and I can see out of my mirrors!

    So it turned out it was the mount. Time will tell if it stays fixed, but it looks like this is another case of a tired mount.

    Sorry to duplicate, but hopefully this will help someone else- just because someone says the mounts look ok doesn't mean they are- always check with the experts on here.

    Thanks everyone! Now I can enjoy this car as it was meant to be.
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  17. I would hardly call myself an expert lol
    Glad you got it sorted and i could help :wink:
  18. ^^ eggspert ^^
  19. :rolleyes:

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