225 suddenly won't start!

Discussion in 'Electrical & Interior - Security, ICE, Wiring Loom' started by Lee Robertson, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Went for petrol,hit the button after paying,no cranking at all!Ignition comes on ok,battery is good,steering unlocks etc,no starter solenoid clicking sounds,no faults on dash and no fault codes with my scan tool either(autel ms906).
    Wiring diagrams just show two fuses for the starter,no relays.I''ve checked both fuses and they are fine,also took out relay/fuse box in engine bay out completely and cleaned all fuses and connectors.
    Incidentally immobiliser is going off,so no immobiliser issues.When I hit starter button headlights are staying bright so starter isn't getting power for some reason.
    Can't believe this happened so out of the blue,cars been great lately.Any ideas?
    Oh,also checked with the Autel starter button is good,as are brake and clutch switches!:-)

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