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    So I’m a bit new to the Megane I’ve got a 225 cup and from what I’ve read the r26 suspensions are the same as mine, I’m looking to refresh mine and just wanted to make sure that the r26’s would be a direct replacement and surely it would be a good upgrade over the standard 225 cup suspension? Any help is appreciated
  2. R26 parts will fit fine. Only problem with the R26 is the price if the OEM springs - about £370 for all 4. Much dearer than the 225 springs. Hence why lots choose lowering springs. Got shocks and other bits to refresh my R26 but still need to buy springs. As it's a road car I will stick with OEM despite the cost.
  3. RPD are now selling the eibach pro kit,as a alternative to OEM R26 eibachs.Dont know how they compare in spring rates though.
  4. NJH


    ISTR slightly less rate and slightly higher than Cooksports.

    Personally its what I would fit, I feel the Cooksports are just a touch too much on the car for road use, can get very bumpy and bouncy on the worst roads as I think they are a touch too stiff for the dampers.
  5. Dolphinsfan13

    Dolphinsfan13 RSM Club Member

    I thought about eibach springs and standard cup shocks we did similar on the wife’s cliosport 172 and it seems fine
  6. spot on..on a smooth road,the cooksports are great,with definitely sharper direction changes.But as soon as you factor in a bumpy road,the ride gets to ragged,and will hit the bumpstops at times.Brings into focus just how brilliant the Renault engineers are,as this never happens on the OEM R26 set up.
  7. This is a well timed thread. I've refreshed my complete suspension on the R26 with new shocks and cooksport springs and recently experienced alot of bouncing unexpectedly at pace on a bumpy road. Very off-putting.

    Which are considered more compliant, the OEM or eibach pro-line. I didn't quite follow ISTR above and what that meant
  8. you would assume the oem springs ride more compliant,as the proline kit lowers the car.Meganesports must sit high for a reason,and you would think its to allow more suspension travel on a stiffly set up car.There must be a reason why oem eibachs are so expensive.Oem dampers now are peanuts..so why do Eibach insist on £100 a spring!..its ridiculous.
  9. Must try and find some ratings.

    I've an second R26 outside on old OEM suspension that I must properly test but my initial feedback is that it's too much body which may be a centre of gravity thing rather than spring rate
  10. NJH


    I made a note of the following, based on old postings from a few forums ISTR including measurement of stock springs by Josh Cook.

    front rear
    225Cup 30N 30N 171 lb/inch 1:1
    Cooksport 41N 33N 234 / 188 1.24:1
    Eibach Pro 37N 30N 211 / 171 1.23:1
    H&R 45N 30N 257 / 171 1.5:1

    H&R Mono
    Tubes Kit 60N 43N 343 / 246 1.39:1
    Gaz Gold 75N 75N 428 1:1
    AST Sp2 79N 79N 451 1:1

    BC road 7kg 4kg 392 / 224 1.75:1
    BC track 7kg 7kg 392 / 392 1:1
    BC track+ 8kg 7kg 448 / 392 1.14:1
  11. its not the springs causing body roll.
    These cars are getting to a point that they need all new bushings and suspension parts.
    I am in the process of replacing everything..shocks,springs,wishbones,droplinks,roll bar bushes front and rear,subframe bushes and beam bushes.

  12. I think the actual stiffness of cooksports is exceptable.Its simply a case of 30mm less travel.When you bottom out..you effectively have no suspension!...I find myself lifting now on sections i road i know that have bumps,or large depresions on them,as i know the car will bottom out.The standard springs would have taken the same section of road with no drama.
  13. Exactly what I did. Little disappointed with the combo of new r26 shocks and the Cooksports so far! Think it's like too much rebound. Never bottomed out on me yet but I'm still learning the car
  14. i dont like them at all.Yes they make the car sit better,and are good on a smooth road.But for a road car,with occasional track,you just cant beat the OEM set up.They strike the best compromise.
  15. you really need to be moving to get them to bottom out,but thats the problem.They take the confidence away when pressing on.
  16. Dolphinsfan13

    Dolphinsfan13 RSM Club Member

    Some very interesting points to the thread, keep it going guys
  17. Renault and Eibach would have spent months tuning the springs to the dampers.
    You cant expect a set of springs sold by a independant firm to have anything like the budget to test their
    product in all scenarios.
    Most of these spring kits are for cosmetic reasons,with ride being a secondary concern.

    I only have them on my car,as they came built up with new shocks as a package deal.
    I have a brand new set of OEM`s in the garage..but havnt got round to stripping it all down again!

    best part of £400 from RPD,which by the way are cheaper than even Renault,with staff discount!
  18. Something that's often overlooked is the effect lowering can have on the ARB.

    If you're lowering the height, chances are you altering the ARB which can lead to tension in the bar.

    I'm not saying it'll make a huge difference, but unless you get adjustable ARB links, it's moving even further from the tolerances that Renault designed.
  19. Could well be why my car has such pronounced body roll,with all new bushing and suspension.the Cook sport 30mm Drop is quite extreme

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