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  1. Hi ......

    i am Thomas , came from Germany ....so sorry for my English :grimacing:
    drive my Rs F1 since 2007. a great car ....
    but after good 112000km came what had to come



    He ran until then with 290bhp @ 1,5 bar of boost
    i changed the exhaust , complete Miltek with downpipe and 200 cpi CAT
    big intercooler
    stainless steel pipes
    deatschwerks 580cc injectors
    and bpc2 maping

    Now I rebuild it completely !!
    My wish would be stable 400 bhp as I use it daily.
    Parts and pictures follow ....
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  2. Hi Thomas
    You will need a Mk3 fuel rail really, internally its larger and the feed is in the middle, also then you can use the raising rate feature.
  3. still work in progress :innocent:

    Block mods :
    roughly cleaned, sandblasted, frost plugs removed


    after some days :

    drilled and honing @ 83,7mm
    fresh paint
    ARP bolts for the crankshaft
    King XP bearings
    new oil sprays
    new oil pump
    Wössner pistons 83,5mm with 8:1 comp
    Pec H beams
    ARB bolts for the clinderhead
    crankshaft is finely balanced
    Wear parts are all new
    Installation dimensions all checked and tolerances kept
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. wow, i wish, another great thread i feel, look like you spending a fair bit on this engine, whats the plan in term of Horse Power and Torque?
  6. Yes, that's the way it will be !!!:laughing:my plan where stable [email protected] limited ~500Nm

    next step , cylinder head
    also a original F4R774 head !!!!

    mods :
    Milling plan
    milling valve seats at an angle
    new seals
    ClioRS camshafts
    ClioRS valve springs
    all valves polished
    Meg3RS Camshaft wheels (dephaser is out off :sunglasses: )
    all Channels enlarged and adapted to the manifolds

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    alles orginal Renault sport Teile !!!

    and here is the complete belt drive system ...

    the dephaser has a locking pin in the idle state.
    and since the 774 has no phase adjustment, I have sealed the banjo bolt, and the cavities in the wheel with 2k liquid steel poured out....


    timing looks great and has no problems !!!!
    i had only the bridge at the cams and the crankshaft pin ....
    Since the phase adjustment is not running, the wheels need no special timing position

    to be continue.....
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  7. Exhaust manifold and turbo :

    my old manifold is full of heat cracks, and i planed some upgrades ...
    so i buy something else :sunglasses:
    I hope that the good optical quality works also in the technical way.

    manifold from SAStrust
    4way EGT system
    flange plan milled
    revised edges on the turbo flange
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    on the pics only two of these, but but they are 4...
    the turbo is a normal meg3RS (15T) but upgraded by Ladermanufaktur[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i know !! not the best choice.
    but for me a good option.
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  8. Nice project.
    Looks like they use 9 fins on the exhaust turbine compare to 11 on HL turbine.
    This is a good choice to get more flow out of the small tdo4 housing. Not sure you will se 400 Hp but would love to see the results.
  9. Yesterday where Gearbox-sunday :laughing:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I could not find wear, after 120.000km !!!For Reno gear is that great !! where I found out that the ND0 is probably synonymous with Nissan installed in the 350 / 370Z, and here is probably net so plump ....
    In any case, I have renewed all seals / bearings and the diff itself ....( Quaiffe LSD)
    I have measured and adapted the bearing clearance of the Diffs, but I find it a naughtiness to pay for 6 U-discs 75 €.

    The shift operation is still being processed ....
  10. If you don’t mind me asking but how much was it to have that turbo done? I have a hybrid on mine and looking to try and get more power out of it as I’m wanting to forge it and get about 400bhp

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  11. It has been rebuilt a brand new turbo, it has 1550 € exc. vat. It was not enough time, a few days later, and I would have switched to EFR or GTX, but that's the way I had bought manifolds before.
  12. Yeah I’ve been looking at the efr ones there not very cheap are they lol. Also been looking at the TD04HL20T off rstuning they can go to 380bhp on 3 bar without issues so I’m wondering if I’d be able to push 400bhp from it safely

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  13. it goes on .....

    Weeks passed again and not much done:sweat::sweat::sweat:
    1 step ahead and 2 back again :neutral:
    but one after anonther....

    I have adjusted intake manifold ( ported and polish), but the original manifold seal is actually too big !!

    Oil return from the turbo is now ready, after long back and forth and wrong delivery !!
    Have taken the Dash10 system and built an adapter for the block.
    It is so relatively close to the turbo itself, but that does not bother.

    Finally,i think, I would have taken only a steel hose hose and screwed with hose clamps to frayed ports,
    but that looks a bit better !!

    The assembly of Fittingen is a convulsive ...:rage::rage::rage:

    As a heat protection of the hose, I still have wrapped the header with Kevlar tape.

    The single EGT is so far only 90% finished, because the sleeves are unfortunately too big, I have to rework here, because the nuts fits only in the first two thread:flushed::rage:

    Turbo again down to come there reasonably tuned ...

    But as it should be, the downpipe does not fit:sweat::rage::persevere:


    will probably lead to the fact that I remove the bracket, edit the pipe on the spot and weld new bracket to the pipe ....

    Pity !!! During the conversion work, I would have been able to build on EFR turbo. The adaptation work is actually too much for which it should be P'n'P !!!!:triumph::triumph::triumph:

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