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  1. has anyone just replaced the cv joint on the driveshaft? If so isit a easy job?
    Or is it worth getting a new shaft?
  2. IF the shaft is ok, then you can just renew the CV joint.Europarts, and a few others, will sell you the CV joint.
  3. The shaft is good, isit just a case of knocking the old cv off and sliding the new one on?
  4. It's not that hard I think.

    I've just dismantled the two 225 drive shafts for refubishment and painting of the shafts.

    The outer CV joints (SNR, should be OEM) and both boots (Renault OEM) were bought, but not reassembled yet...but should be as any other drive shaft as well...

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  5. 341.jpg
  6. 342.jpg
  7. 343.jpg
  8. 344.jpg

    Very easy removal of the CV joint, with a universal CV joint removal tool and a spare hub nut
  9. Thanks mate,
    Looks kinda straight forward, I’ll start the process tomorrow see how it goes
  10. Hi there! I just asked this on your older topic too, but I'm in a bit of a hurry, so... Could you please share your experience on how to remove the driveshaft off the car? Looks really tight in there, and I wouldn't want to damage anything in the process.. Any help woult be great! Thanks.
  11. Done mine last night just a case of knocking the old cv off and pushing the new one on! Was surprisingly easy!
  12. Thanks, good to know. But I really need info on how to correctly remove the complete driveshafts off the car, both sides.
  13. That tool looks very promising. However, I just measured the diameter of the drive shaft spline, and it's 29.7mm. The tools like the one on your picture all seem to be 29mm or 30mm in hole diameter, so it would be impossible/almost impossible to get the spline through. Did you find a bigger hole diameter tool for the job or is your spline somehow smaller?
  14. Well, managed to find a suitable tool after all. Now all I need are parts numbers for the OEM equivalent CV joints. According to the pictures here the SNR OJK55.026 seems to fit, but will it fit ALL Megane II RS models? In my case it's a 225 Phase 2 5-door...
  15. Well, I haven't reassembled the drive shafts yet. But this mentioned SNR number above, I've got from a German SNR sales agent, after sending him the chassis number of my car. It's also a 5 door MRS 2 of the type BM1V...

    I don't think Renault installed different drive shafts trough the Megane RS 225 range, except maybe the R26 or R26.R range...but even these should be standard 225 shafts I think...
  16. At the moment it looks like this:


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