2015 Trophy….what have I got?

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Leopold, Sep 8, 2022.

  1. Hi
    Don’t know much about these cars but I seem to have accidentally bought one.

    My last brush with a Renault was in 2008 when 4 of us bought identical R26r’s. Was good fun

    Anyway so I now have a 2015 Trophy and wondered what is std and what was a factory option.

    It has Olins, Recaros, Akrapovic, Brembos.
    Were these std for example ?
  2. Brembos and recaros were standard in the trophy, but I think the Akra and ohlins were optional extras.
    Great spec by the way though, any pics?
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  3. Thanks for the info.
    I realised I don’t have too many pics of it. Not very flattering but the only two I have are here.
    0E8BAE2B-86AB-46FE-B6EE-9B3B21A03628.jpeg 264D1730-DC8D-4C9A-988D-94E386DE6944.jpeg
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  4. Akra and Recaros were standard, ohlins and turini wheels were options along with a couple of other bits like reverse camera and pan roof etc.
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  6. Red touches are nice.

    I think all black Trophy's had silver decals & silver front splitter. So someone potentially added that/painted red.

    Be good to add the red rear stripes. Must be available as trophy R had them.
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  7. When I bought it it had red wheels. Too.
  8. Got any pics of it with the red wheels?

    Are they the same wheels that you just had refurbed black?
  9. Same wheels. no pics that I want to find

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