2015 Megane 275 Trophy (Ohlins + 19's) 18,000 miles - Black - £18,750

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  1. 2015 Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy No. 1187

    I have decided it is time to part with my Megane and scratch my rwd itch while the opportunity presents itself. I am sure I will regret it at some point, I have been spoilt with the handling of my last 3 cars (Clio 200 Cup, Meg 265 Cup and this one) so it will be a difficult car to replace with something that even comes close.

    The car is currently on 18k miles (will rise slightly as in occasional use) with a fresh MoT.

    The car is black and has had the Trophy stripes optioned off so it's a bit more subtle. It has Ohlins dampers, 19" wheels and originally came on Cup 2's. I have since replaced these with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S all round. RS Monitor V2, powerfold mirrors, dimming rear view, reversing camera and a spare wheel complete the options. Standard items include the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust and Recaro seats. The interior is trimmed in alcantara, as is the steering wheel, gear gaiter and handbrake.

    In my ownership I have replaced the discs all round, Brembo HC's up front with Performance Friction Z rated pads and genuine Renault rear discs and pads. The pins were upgraded to Mr Pink pins and the brake lines were all replaced with a 6 piece kit from Proline. Fluid was replaced with RBF 660. I have fitted new genuine Renault spark plugs and a K and N panel filter.

    The belts and pulleys have all been done early while I had the cam cover re-sealed under warranty.

    The bodywork was recently treated to a professional machine polish and came up extremely well, and apart from a few stone chips is in very good condition. The interior is in the same great condition with the car regularly valeted. The recaro's are in great condition and the back seats look almost unused, bad point - there is a slight scuff on one of the interior plastics which can be seen in the pictures.

    The car drives beautifully and is a standard example (apart from the pads,lines and fluid) and has never been remapped.

    I am looking for £18,750 ovno 44975445_183297579263607_1597071520159498240_n.jpg 45175856_259043914783815_3951054751914786816_n.jpg 45192229_1483404648470238_626790343014088704_n.jpg 45196948_2218313521536210_7331835346973360128_n.jpg 45204906_916240071914835_8721596878883389440_n.jpg 45221535_246487186221331_4317217816458559488_n.jpg 45222640_521027851740698_1959930174304681984_n.jpg 45245971_560254494414309_8533595805171318784_n.jpg 45269557_363815694193092_112992557968916480_n.jpg 45333811_198515751065915_5600273076332789760_n.jpg 45338114_2433899469970392_5777713108931837952_n.jpg
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  2. Price Drop, £18,250
  3. Great looking car.
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  4. Great example and exact spec I’m looking for. Just need to sell my Golf R
  5. Sold
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  6. Nice to meet you today Chris. Had a great drive home despite the sh*t traffic and cameras. :laughing:
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  7. Nice to meet you too, glad to know she's going to a good home.

    Picking up the replacement tomorrow. Will post up some pics.
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