2015 Civic Type-R

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  1. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Ring time of 7:50!

    Jesus, vtec did well and truly kick in.
  2. Where'd you source that from?
  3. Just been announced, all over Twitter. Not sure if that was a pre production version though??
  4. Thats a mega time!
  5. https://twitter.com/ytimesmotoring/status/572704967494127616 for example. Photo seems to show the time.


    In fact here's a video of it


    and yes, it was a development car ... on road tyres (doesn't state which I dont think)
  6. Feck me. Lets see if renault add another 30bhp and go again lol
  7. how quick are tho gear changes?
  8. From the Geneva photos, it's the best looking hot hatch I have ever seen

    Confirmed that time was done in customer car spec, but nothing on what tyres were used yet.
  9. I can't tell if serious or sarcastic?

    ...if serious ... are you serious?!?!?
  10. I'm serious haha. I'm a sucker for the beefed up aero stuff. I think that will carry absolutely immense road presence and I'm just waiting on prices now... :smile:
  11. I hear UK price will be announced tomorrow....
  12. I agree it's stunning! Just how a hot hatch should be just like the MK2 RS focus!
  13. From http://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-japanesecars/honda-civic-type-r--geneva-2015/31746

    Will definitely be interesting to see what this beast can do in full production kit ... the stats are very good!
  14. Agree its a good looking car, much better than i thought it would be after the dissapoitning pic release in january. Still a shame that the rear spolier from the concept model wasnt fully produced to the road car but with 306 bhp (originally billed around 280) i may visit Honda yet!
  15. I would like to see the driver go so balls out round the 'ring without the 4-point harness and full roll cage!
  16. Wow seriously impressive time, this is approaching super car pace for a hatchback!

    But my god it's ugly...
  17. Cracking time and hats off to Honda but I am disappointed with the final look of the car.

    Renaultsport have some work to do in there little lab now. In the meantime I'll look forward to the inevitable Type R owner filing my rear view mirror this summer.

    Now where's rstuning's number....
  18. R26


    Why does the video look edited at the end?
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  19. This is so so true. I look forward to it.. :tongueout:
  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    248KPH on the approach to SX and 209KPH on the crest is properly impressive stuff!

    I would imagine the full production spec car will lap around the same time, Potentially a bit quicker since they have had a further year to tweak it.

    Shame the Trophy-R had to be lightened, Fancy dampers and proper R rated tyres to get a time close to this, Extra power in the Honda is negated due to the fact that the Megane weighs less. I would imagine that their Power to weight is very, very similar. Curious as to what the Trophy-R actually puts out though since all the other ones ran more than their quoted figures.

    Things are getting a bit ridiculous for Hot hatches now, I may even go as far as saying that they are becoming too fast to enjoy properly anywhere other than the track.

    I think it looks excellent, What a hot hatch should be, Bar the stupid GTR style exhausts. 2 would of been plenty thanks.
  21. It's more the price that is getting ridiculous in my opinion.

    A Japanese hatchback for £30,000 is getting naughty.

    As mightily impressive as it may be, it's the price of a 2-3 year old M3 with next to no miles on.

    It starts to really dilute the essence of the hot hatch in my opinion.
  22. Took them long enough
    And the record wasn't a production spec car
    When renault do things, they just break a record, take a few Polaroid pics and go home
    Honda have given about 4 years of teaser pics and a concept that looks nothing like the end product
    Also the seats are horrid, look like they're out of a dc5. Move with the times Honda Jesus

    Ps another anti megane post from Jamie. .. slating the trophy r for having sticky tires and no back seats this time ? Fool
  23. Or looked at another way, the M3 looks way over-priced for what it is...?

    On the Civic - this is test car, on test tyres at the minute. Although I'm sure it could go quicker than the Meg, I'll wait to see what the actual time is.
  24. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Anti Megane?! Seriously go and fuck yourself.

    Your obviously so blinkered and in love with the Megane that nothing will ever be as good as it. Your "anti-me" posts are incredibly boring now
  25. No, does nothing for me. Looks like someone had some Halfords vouchers for Xmas.
  26. id have the trophy R over that every day, will be worth feck all in 18 months as well. Not blinkered to Renault, just prefer the R every time, i'm sure with the same amount of build up the Renault would pip the Honda's time. Also the only person wanting to be seen in the Honda would only use it to drive past maccy d all day.
  27. Salty

    Salty RSM Moderator

    are you two for real? you both need to have a word with yourselves and grow up a smidge I think, it's a forum
  28. Fantastic time obviously a fantastic drive. Ultimately they had the luxury of upping the power until the beat the meg time, what happened to the '276bhp' ? My guess they couldnt do it and needed to top 300 to make it.

    anyway fair play to them, strung it out long enough.

    car looks great, missed a trick with the rear lights - listen to your prospective buyers! And the arches look cack imo, need to be smoothed not squared off
  29. Ps reading the PH article its not a production spec car and the tyres is a grey area, could have had bloody slicks on for all we know.

    do it properly i say!

    did old Hurgon say there were damp bits and more time from his run? Probably identical all things equal
  30. That video looks shite, more like a video game with shite sound quality, looks a right handful
  31. Roll cage in
    no air con
    no radio
    none standred tyres

    not the same car that will be on sale
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  32. Lol, from the civic boys

    'I don't think there has been a 7.50 lap yet, car got to the last corner at 7.48 and understeered off the track, and because they had to release this edited video, I can only assume Honda was not able to replicate the time again.'

    none of them seem to like it, slating the non production spec and the price - fair play, most bum their own make
  33. Whatever it is and whatever time it gets I think it will be a superb car! I have to agree with some now that the hot hatch game has moved on! A hot hatch for me personally is 180 - 250bhp. I don't think the likes of the golf at, M135 etc etc can be called a hot hatch more like a super hatch!

    Joeh - I think you seriously need to realise that sometimes you have to just respect someone's differing opinion. We all own Meganes on here and sometimes if you can...be honest with yourself, there are better cars out there than the megane be it a skoda or ferrari.....
  34. It will be interesting to see how quickly the production car makes it round the 'ring. Would be very tempted to buy the Honda, they hold their value well, are really well put together, and a turbo'd VTEC will be great fun, but the styling is bit too much for me! I don't know why they aim the styling at kids in their teens early 20's when there is little chance they can afford to buy/run it. I do prefer the styling of the Trophy R, its a bit more understated.
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  36. I don't think he was making it round that final bend, without taking on 10ft of grass.

    Interestingly, I've ran straight on at that point too
  37. R u saying you're the driver duke ......:smile:
  38. I think this shows just how much of a bargain the e92 is now. That whole package for around the 25k mark with decent spec and not a whole load of miles... Personally I won't spend more than 20k on a hot hatch. It's silly money in my eyes.
  39. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    You might be able to pickup an E92 for 25k, in fact sub 20k now but it still has the associated running costs of a 60 grand car
  40. Factor monthly depreciation into the civic and for the first 18 month and I don't think your MPG on the M3 will look so bad.

    There is no right or wrong answer but I would rather spend money on fuel/tyres and specialist servicing for a V8 rather than losing it in value on a hatch back.

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