250 2011 Rs 250 Perplexing Noise

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  1. Hey guys - first post here.

    I posted this up on the OzRenaultSport forums but no-one seems to have any ideas on what it could be. Figured I'd take the search to you guys.

    Hi gents,

    Trying to diagnose a strange whirl/wob type noise that is audible on idle with my rs 250.

    Not my car, but identical noise: https://www.youtube....h?v=mYvW8CIgUiA

    Things to know are:

    Timing and aux belt were changed 13k ago by Renault dealership in Sydney (by previous owner.)
    Picked up car 1300km ago.
    In December last year I have an invoice for a supply and fit of a new AC compressor by a euro specialist workshop.

    - So, I am thinking if there is a possibility the aux belt has been over-tensioned when the new AC compressor was installed?

    - I can not seem to find anything relating to the water pump being replaced with the belts, so that was my other hunch....

    Cheers guys.
  2. Sounds normal to me. Every 250 i've heard makes the same noise.
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  3. have you seen paperwork that timing belt was changed ??
  4. Yes have paperwork that confirms belts and tensioner's were done @ 70k.

    I've stumbled across a handful of 250's that seem to be making the same noise on idle - maybe I'm being paranoid?
    Car drives perfect and is only noticeable on idle standing at the front of the car.
  5. Is the sound less evident when the car is started cold? Mine is more noticeable when it's hot. It's always sounded the same

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  6. Yup it's basically non existent on cold start - after a few minutes the noise becomes audible once it comes upto operating temperature.

    Starting to think it's normal - I wonder what it is seeing that the 265's don't suffer from the rumble noise?
  7. my 265 has only done 11k and the garage is going to be changing the cambelt tensioners and water pump as they said it is not normal.. it sounds like a rattle / bearing and is present even when revved.
  8. Did anyone ever find out what the noise is ? Mine has just started doing it at 52k. I can hear it more when I rev gently and on idle. Belts have been changed at 30k 2 years ago by myself. Car is 2010, noise only started a few weeks ago.
  9. Mine is still doing it at 30 k.... Two new can belt kits water pump alternator set of pulleys new belts I just live with it now...
  10. Mine started making that noise today. Very disconcerting. It almost sounds/looks like the crankshaft pulley is loose/wobbling on mine. Did you ever have the crankshaft pulley replaced?
  11. Any one sort this ?

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