2010 Megane RS250 Cup (70k) + extras

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by RSPhil, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    2010 Renaultsport Megane 250 Cup
    70k miles (may go up as I still use it occasionally)

    Full service history, 2 keycards, all original manuals
    HPI and finance clear
    No accidents, colour changes, etc..
    Full 1 years MOT

    Full timing belt and water pump kit done at 57k

    All the usual cup spec, regular seats NOT recaros

    The much desired RS Monitor

    Remapped to 300ish bhp by RS Tuning - with invoice and rolling road printout

    18" gloss black alloys - were refurbished last year but unfortunately one front wheel has slight kerbing where I ground against a kerb in the snow :worried:

    I've only had the car since last summer but since then have done the following

    - New rear discs and pads - £294
    - New front discs - £150
    - Full service just before it came off the road at christmas - oil, filters, plugs, etc... - £140
    - Hydraulic clutch line replaced with HEL damper delete braided line - £40
    - New clutch, dual mass flywheel, and slave cylinder (done at Midlands Renault Specialists) - £800
    - Replaced drivers door lock (old one failed) - £158
    - KTR 20mm spacers, new bolts, and new locking bolts - £227
    - H&R lowering springs - £159
    - CAE shifter in black with titanium grey knob - £802
    - Replaced both number plate lights - £14
    - Replaced chrome exhaust trim with genuine new one - £133
    - Spare wheel well subwoofer - £145
    - Bose front tweeters - £36
    - Genuine renault boot net - £30
    - ITG maxogen air filter - £68
    - Full set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres - £466
    - Center silencer removal - £40

    Total spent - £3702

    I bought the car last summer for £9500 and as you can see I've spent a fortune on it to make it absolutely 100% mechanically perfect.

    It comes with a full set of snow tyres that are still fitted as I haven't used the car since late last year, and the virtually new michelins.
    It also comes with a full car cover.

    Bodywork wise, it's got a few chips that you'd expect for an 8 year old car but looks stunning.

    It makes absolutely zero sense financially for me to sell this car, it drives perfectly and having done Donington and Cadwell in it last year, it's very very quick on track.

    Unfortunately I have an old diesel estate I use for work, so this hardly ever moves other than a weekend blast or a track day, and I need to buy a house this year so it has to go to raise some money for the mortgage.

    I'm asking £11k

    .. and yes I know you could get an RS265 for that blah blah - but if you want a very genuine 250 running 300bhp with 2 sets of tyres, a ton of extra bits that are virtually new, and most importantly FULLY MECHANICALLY SORTED for the foreseeable future, this is worth the money trust me. The clutch and flywheel replacement cost a bomb, and you can avoid that by buying this.

    I only really have one shitty phone picture at the moment (I do have a partially complete build blog on here though) - i'll add more this week but I wanted to get the advert up here first before it goes on pistonheads and ebay next weekend.

    Thanks for looking - any questions DM me :smile:

  2. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

  3. Hi Phil,

    What's the location of the car?
  4. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Hi. Sorry should have said I'm located near Hull
  5. Ahh, 5 hour round trip for me.

  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Worth it, I drive 4 hours each way for mine
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  7. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    I was gonna say it's obviously up to you but having driven to Bristol and back to buy an mx5 I'd say it's worth it for the right car
  8. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

  9. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    £10,250 open to offers
  10. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Right it seems like no-one is buying these any more, had 2 stupid offers on ebay

    Open to offers now - whatever you think it's worth
    Happy to remove the CAE and sell separately if it makes more sense
  11. I've seen some advertised around the 7500. No idea on condition though lol
  12. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    I keep telling people this, but they don't believe me
  13. How much would the CAE go for?
  14. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    The CAE was £800 on a group buy - they usually sell for £600 ish

    This is by far the hardest car to sell that I've ever sold - there just seems to be no marketplace for them
    I've had offers around £7500 but the cars selling for that are dogs, this is low mileage, has brand new clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder, brakes, etc.. etc.. has the rare RS monitor, and tbh owes me about £12-13k.

    I'd take £8.5-9k for it depending on whether the buyer wants the shifter and winter wheels and other bits it comes with, but selling it for £7.5k just seems dumb.
  15. Agreed.

    After selling my 182 last Nov getting a replacement looked after car is hard bloody work.

    I'd reduce it to what you want tbh. Rather than take offers. All imo.:smile:
  16. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    It's definitely worth more that, I would have it up at 9.5k and remove the shifter and sub maybe even the spacers and sell them on
  17. I've bought and sold a few in the last couple of years, one in the last couple of weeks, to keep long term. I think your price is too high (being brutally honest). What you mentioned in one of your last post " I'd take £8.5-9k" is more realistic. Best off selling the parts that you've spent money on. When you modify a car, you never get the money back.
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  18. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    It's on eBay for £9.5k or offers
  19. I’m looking at buying a car this week. If you do split it I might be interested in your CAE.
  20. Unfortunately a lot of what you have spent is just upkeep.

    These cars dont seem to be worth what they once were.
  21. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member


    Can't update the original price - but OPEN TO ANY OFFERS
    The car is just taking up driveway space and it seems they aren't selling at the moment at all so I'm open to any offers just to move it on really.

    Relisted on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163689269643
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  23. Miles away on price for me.

    Was close at looking at a fiesta st. Now my head has been turned to gw 200 on a 60 plate. Steve at R sport is hopefully getting it in.

    This Megane looks a great buy for someone.
  24. Pm’d
  25. You'll regret it lol. Clios are great but megs are a different league
  26. For sure. But £££'s
  27. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Provisionally sold now.
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