2006 Renaultsport Megane 225 F1 Team - £4200

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  1. Hi all,

    Time has come to grow up and get an estate so I’m selling my 2006 Megane 225 F1 team. I will add more images as soon as I’ve had chance to clean it inside and out and will add anything I’ve missed as I remember them.

    It’s covered 81,000 miles and will be sold with a full 12 months MOT.

    Limited edition no246 of 1500 - one of only 149 sold in the uk. Usual F1 team extras as listed in the links below;




    The history is good - not complete, but loads of receipts etc and I have kept on top of servicing with dated receipts.

    Good points -

    - Recent service.
    - The cambelt was recently replaced at an independent Renault sport specialist.
    - 1 years MOT.
    - Battery changed a few months ago so under warranty.
    - Genuinely good car, never wants anything, never need to top the oil, water or tyres up.
    - Good straight body work for age, it’s got no dents and no nasty scratches.
    - Interior is in generally good condition.
    - Car is totally standard & unmolested.
    - Recently replaced swivel hub bearings

    Bad points -

    - There is a crack on the drivers seat leather bolster, but this hasn’t changed under my 3 year ownership.
    - The A/C will need a re-gas - needed doing when I bought the car 3 years ago in April and I’m still getting round to it

    I have listed a couple more points below - these will be sorted for the sale of the car but I am open to lower offers if you would rather sort them yourself.

    - The drivers side CV joint is knocking when pulling out of junctions - I have already ordered a replacement to fit
    - There is a paint chip on the boot lid.


    Thanks for reading. Any questions or offers etc, fire away!



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  2. Mods - please lock/delete, post no longer required.



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  3. You sold this that quick?? Lovely looking car!!!
  4. I just imported one to Ireland from the UK and from what I can see yours is the only R25 F1 for sale in the uk..

    Should have no problem selling, GLWTS
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