2005 megane 225 clutch bleeding woes

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  1. With the engine off it goes into all gears no problem. I'll give that a try tomorrow.
    I can't see this but surely you can't put driveshafts in wrong?
    I was a bit of a puddin, when i had just finished putting everything back together after the clutch install i still had the car front up in the air. I fired it up, accelerated through all the gears, misses says wheels were spinning and getting faster as i was accelerating, plus speedo was increasing, i thought at that point everything was fine! , dropped the car to the ground, couldn't get a gear!
  2. If the pedal feels good but isnt clearing put the car somewhere thats clear ahead put it in 1st clutch in and start it and it should start straight into driving and then drive it up through the gears see if it starts to clear if not then try to slip the clutch a bit as it could be the flywheel adjustment or a bad clutch plate with a slight height on it. Ive have this before on a clio not clearing after i put a clutch in and driving it sorted it out.
  3. Interesting, I tried earlier today starting it in gear to see if it would clear itself but nothing. doing. You would have to see where the car is just now, not practical to try driving it just now, it would need a pain getting it out, or i might not get it back in, long story! Neighbours....
  4. Can you try starting it in 2nd gear with the front wheels off the ground, then depress the clutch and see if the wheels slow down? That would tell you if you’re suspicions are correct, I.e. the clutch isn’t disengaging.

    I would suggest that if it isn’t disengaging then you have probably done what you can with the gearbox on the car, and realistically you’re going to have to take it back off again and see where the problem lies. I would still put money on air being trapped in the slave as I’m sure you mentioned earlier on in the thread that you struggled to fill it? Once this is off the car, you should be able to confirm this easily enough.

    Other than that, the only thing I can think of is that the release bearing is the incorrect size, or the clutch fork is bent. What was your original reason for changing the clutch?

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  5. I done 'a lot' of reading before fitting the clutch, that's when i stumbled across the video of the guy prefilling the slave.
    He simply dipped the end of the slave tube in fluid and slowly depressed the cylinder in and out.
    When i done this it neither drew in fluid or spat out bubbles, which i thought was really odd!
    The slave was identical to the one i took off.
    The reason i changed the clutch was it was slipping on boost, all other times gear selection, general driving was perfect, in fact run around for couple of months with it like that as i needed it and it drove well.
    I'll try what you suggested today. I've read so many people fitting so many clutches not getting a gear afterwards, and for the most obscure reasons! Pressure plates being slightly warped before install, clutch friction plate fraction too thick, disc wrong way round was a common one etc.
    I'm actually just working part time just now as i have nerve injury in my arm(i'm a motorcycle instructor) and doing all this on my own wasn't easy, and aggravated my arm, but i really wanted to do it and was very methodical in doing it, fitted new driveshaft seals, driveshaft intermediate carrier bearing etc
    This is so annoying!
  6. I think maybe your issue with the slave was glossed over when you said you had successfully syringed fluid into it. Maybe there is a defect with it that is stopping any movement of fluid into it, or air out of it. That is very odd that you couldn’t get any air out or fluid in when it was off the car. In theory it acts as a syringe, so compressing it and dipping the end into fluid will allow it to pull fluid in as it expands. Then it can be held upright, squeezed until fluid drips out, and then held in this position and dipped back into the fluid to fully fill it.

    I think you’re going to have to take it off to confirm.

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  7. I made an inspection hole a while back and the slave is moving towards the pressure plate and compressing the clutch fingers.
    It's either clutch plate is jammed somehow, or as a few folk have mention there's air in the system so the slave is stopping short, but i'm sure air is ruled out now.
    When i syringed fluid into the slave when it was on the car, it was Renault who suggested that i think,so, i'm bracing myself for taking the box off again i think. Will confirm later today when i test in 2nd gear as suggested with front jacked up.
  8. Haven't been near car tonight, too tired! But just read an interesting thing there on a site regarding the slave cylinder.
    He said you can bleed till you're blue in the face, if there's air in the slave it won't budge!
    He said to hold clutch pedal down, open bleed and then fully compress the slave cylinder to expel air! Which i should be able to do with my neat little inspection hole in the bellhousing, sounds promising before i pull the box!
  9. Just had a little look at the pressure plate adjustment springs i set, through my inspection hole, only 'one' is still compressed like i set it??
    Someone told me ages ago this was what i would find. I managed to reset the two 'unsprung' ones in-situ.
    Didn't make a difference, maybe instead i'll release them all instead just to see where they settle and try that.
  10. Right, are you all ready for this?
    Called the service dep. of my local Renault dealer.
    Tech guy was really helpful, said to send him pics of old and new parts of clutch/flywheel i took off.
    Two minutes later he said new flywheel is wrong?? I was like what? They seemed the same, and the Ebay seller, home of all correct parts ofcourse, said it fitted a 225,which ofcourse in a way it has!But Renault guy says you get two flywheels for them!!
    The difference being a 'very' slight depth difference in the surface that touches the friction plate!!
    Bloody hell, here's a pic of old and new one. DSC_0563.JPG DSC_0572.JPG
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  11. Seems weird as not a single place that sells/lists 225 flywheels mentions 2 different ones - but fingers crossed for you
  12. Holding thumbs man! Would be interesting if you get them side by side and measure them.

    I've felt total heartache the past few weeks following you bleeding woes thread. It sorta makes sense IF there is a difference that there isn't enough room for the pressure plate to do it's job.

    What really sucks is all the parts you replaced and they are probably 99% not part of the problem.

    Is ebay pricing really so much better than the stealers? We don't have ebay in RSA so we mostly buy from auto part stores or dealers.
  13. Flywheel cost £195 off Ebay, dealer price? , i dread to think!
    It didn't bother me buying the clutch line and master cyclinder, fair chance the kind of person i am i would have bought them anyway as joint at the bleeder was a bit dodgy.
    I should feel gutted but i can see light at the end of the tunnel now, in a sick dismantling everything again sort of way! :confused:
  14. I'm actually starting to form a theory about what this car has gone through with the previous owner, or the one before.
    When i took the clutch etc off somethings were odd, couple of bolts were missing from gearbox to bellhousing, and one bolt was loose, someone just been in there??
    Next thing was i was a bit disappointed in the good amount of meat left on the friction disc? Mmmm i thought,plus pressure plate auto adjuster springs were totally unwound? Knowing what i know now these two clutch conditions just don't go together!
    I've a feeling someone's just stuck either a newish, or used pressure plate in there, not knowing the adjustment has to be set, and hey presto, slipping clutch!
    When i test drove the car he stayed in a heavily built up area, and i didn't want to rag it in the streets! Car drove fine.
    If i hadn't been the thorough type of person i am wanting to replace the flywheel, i probably would have been driving it by now.

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