175 dci

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  1. Hi had my 175 LUX since 2018 but never really been active on the forum, more of a lurker.

    Mods including,

    Renault espace hybrid turbo GTA1752LV
    SMF and hybrid clutch.
    LSD from mk3 cup
    Complete swivel hub rebuild with grease nipples
    MK3 340mm front discs and calipers.
    Stainless steel hard brake lines and hel braided hoses
    Recaro trendline in 5 door car.
    Automatic folding mirror with deadlocking
    Bola b10s
    Done just before Christmas front arms rebuild genuine ball joints, vibratechnics main bush and powerflex black small bush.

    A few things I'm looking at getting done.

    Need to program in a new genuine full keyless key as current key is not working properly.

    Coilovers preferably KWs if anyone has any for sale

    Looking to fit panoramic sunroof I know it's a big job, but it's the only thing I wish the car had.

    Wire up heated seats using old seats wiring I already fitted the elements.

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