175 dci drive shafts

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  1. Has anyone had any experience with splitting apart the outer cv joints? Rang Renault outer CV boot or joint kit doesn't exist only inner boot or complete driveshaft which I think is NLA.

    I have tried to remove outer CV joint but it looks like it might it not removable, used CV tool and it will not budge at all. I have a stretch boot fitted but I hate them and I'd rather fit OEM style plastic CV boot, I can find a compatible boot size but no way of fitting. The only way I can think of fitting it is by removing the inner joint and sliding it along the shaft if the diameter is the same along the whole length.

    Anyone had the same issue?
  2. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    They do come off I've changed both sides, but you wont be able to re use the way i did it. I used a big vice and a bigg hammer :wink:

    Its a pain trying to find the right boots that fit.
  3. I may have found the boot, but it's no good because I used my CV removal tool and it would not come off still. Because Renault don't list a boot, I got the impression that the joint might be non removable i.e. once it's fitted in the factory it won't come off. I'm trying to find a second hand one so I can try again.
  4. I cant see why it wont come off, the 225 and my 265 ones do (outer ones), you have to keep them straight and a good swipe with a hammer on the rim where the boot fix's to
  5. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    If you have a new CV Joint, heat and a big hammer always wins if your not looking to save the old one.
  6. But can't get a new CV joint part never existed from Renault or the boot, only new driveshaft. That's why I was thinking that the outer CV is a once fitted not removable part.

    I have managed to find what is meant to be a same size CV boot in thermo plastic so when I remove the gearbox I'll give it another go.
  7. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    I rarely go to Renault direct these days theyre a rip off and I just find what brand makes the Renault boxed stuff. Owning a DCi for over 6 years make you find alternative sources as these engines are used in allsorts so found cheaper.

    They definiely come off Ive done a few. just find a motorfactors for a CV joint kit. Renault wont sell you a bottom ball joint just a full arm at silly money but TRV ball joint around £10 listed as an Espace one :wink:
  8. I would recommend driveshaft UK, based in Birmingham, they collect and deliver once finished. cheap and all and good quality. I used them for a while as I couldn't find any 175dci driveshaft for a while so the made a pair out of an r26 parts

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