172 Cup to Megane

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  1. Hi

    Im a member on the cliosport.net forum & currently own a 172 cup.Looking to sell the cup early next year & possibly buy an R26 or 250 maybe cup version.
    So just doing my research at the moment looking into things about each megane.Will be used as a daily with no track use.

    Here are some photos of my cup as some may want to see.

    Im also located in Essex.

    20181104_113410.jpg IMG_1451.JPG IMG_0796.JPG 20180713_203153.jpg
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  2. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Clio looks really tidy, the Meg mk3 seems to be dropping in price quite a bit atm, should be able to get yourself a nice one
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  3. Thanks mate,its not perfect or mint as its a daily driver but well looked after and maintained.Yeah they are & the R26 seems to be holding prices well & even going up.Not sure what colour yet
  4. Keep the 172. I have a Meg 3 and 182, and β€” while I love the Meg β€” it’s more often the case I pick the Clio to drive β€” especially as a daily.
  5. I have a 172 track car and a Megane RS250 as my daily. Along with my fair share of 172/182 that i have access to. I absolutely love my megane and cannot rate it enough. As much as I enjoy my 172, the Mk3 Megane is an awsome car. Much better than the Clio imo. Especially in the right spec.

    If you need convincing pop down and I will take you out in mine. I reckon you will be pretty impressed!!!
  6. IMG_20180702_192511.jpg Lovely example that mate

    I've had a couple of cups and now a Meggy 250 for 3 years The Meggy is an awesome bit of kit, such a driving tool, so capable

    What's the spec of the cup (mileage owners etc)? I don't really use my 250 cup much these days as I have a works van
  7. I would go 250 if you can. Nothing wrong with the R26 but, as a daily, the more modern MK3 would get my vote. I'd go for one with the Cup chassis option, rather than a Cup. That way you get more equipment.

    Great cars though, miss mine a lot.

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