'05 Scenic 2.0 T upgrades

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  1. I've spoken to a Chip tuner who reckons that just over 200bhp is realistic with just software on these but if they are de-cat'd he says he's seen almost 230bhp!! I believe that the CR on these is 9.5:1 and the RS's are 9.0:1, is that right? Anyway that is what I'm going to try ASAP on the Espace..... In the meantime I have bought an R26 LSD 'box (I'm guessing that Espace Driveshafts are going to be longer than Megane's.....) and am picking up an RS225 motor at the weekend......then it is Wossner, PEC and Garrett shopping time!!!! This is what it looks like with it's RS Focus alloys and a 35mm drop..... :-) Lowered Espace.jpg
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  2. Yes, thats right.

    Awesome Espace :smile:
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  3. Maaan that looks cool :smiley: Yeah those are the compression ratios! I soooo want a decat but won't risk getting it without a fresh remap....which would basically double the costs.
  4. Last saturday I took the Scenic to a track :grin: Even though it sits on stock dampers with lowering springs, it was really good! The car felt great on track and I managed to beat many cars, actually :tongueclosed: The track was a small 1km (0.62mi) long gokart track, but I loved it! The only annoying thing was the ESP/ASR which cannot be turned off, so I had to incorporate that into my lines. Also, the Pilot Sport 4s worked a treat, very satisfied with them. I think I'll have a video as well soon. Cheers, gazserm
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  5. So the video one of my friends put together is done, here it is:

    It's all about the fun of it, hence the funky music, but it's hilarious so I thought I'd share :smile: On a more serious note, it's not bad of a feedback seeing how the car moves on track, how my lines were, etc. :blush:
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  6. Excellent, looks like fun, I have Nurburgring plans for the Espace!!!!
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  7. fwiw, I found [not surprising] that the stock exhaust system on the Scenics are totally unsatisfactory when you up the engines.

    The main culprit is the muffler and restrictive piping. So now I don't even run a proper muffler just a hotdog style resonator nicknamed the ultraflow muffler. It cost like $250 or 100 quid to do and really unleashed the power and it was easy to get done at the muffler shop. You can see here:

    Scenics don't need proper mufflers as such. The muffler guy said I could add another resonator to make it more quiet but consensus is that it's not too loud and if you have a turbo engine well it's going to be less noisy than mine.
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  8. On the longer run I do have Nürburgring plans as well! Maybe we'll meet there some day, it would be epic! :smiley:
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  9. Your Scenic sounds great mate! Yeah I have a Milltek catback on mine, made it sound nice but quiet. The power gain was quite obvious, though, my butt dyno would say about 10-15 hp. The stock piping on my car was 55m diameter with a cat, secondary cat, midbox and rear box. Now I have the stock cat, no secondary cat or midbox, and 70mm piping. According to the video of yours - yes, your Scenic is definitely louder! :tongueout:
  10. Nevermind mate, registered onto the OZRS forum, discussion is already going on :wink:
  11. Here's Adrian's video before he got his wrapped.

    Anyway, I've done some work to make mine faster and he has too since then.
  12. Is that your Scenic as the first car? I love that pure engine noise! Also, yeah, here Adrian's exhaust is louder, but he has a sports cat which I don't yet have. :smile:
  13. Mine's the first one - doh :fearscream: I'm far from unhappy with the performance of mine.

    I wasn't following..:sunglasses:

    There's many things that I could do to make mine faster. I don't have a Sports cat, nor a tuned ECU nor a whole lot of simple things that could make it even more faster.
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  14. Maaaan I can only imagine how epic it would be if you made all those mods to it...:sunglasses: It's already awesome!
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  15. It's not a surprise that stock exhaust is a crap. If I could, I wish a sport exhaust but Spain is very restrictive about tuned cars. We can do only a couple of things and then, pass an homologation with a lot of Euros by The way ...

    I love that pure engine sound [emoji32]
  16. Well, the 2.0T is very quiet even with the Milltek catback, which eliminates the secondary cat and the midbox.....so if you'd have a custom exhaust made with 70mm piping but with a hidden tip, it would sound great, still be quiet, and people wouldn't see it :tongueout: If you live in Spain, I'd say you should visit RS-Racing then, you'll drool over the heaps of insane RS stuff there! :wink:
  17. Are you guys sure that the authorities care so much about old Scenics ? - here they don't.

    I'm not thinking that they would do an internal check on the muffler on a Renault Scenic - unless they don't have any real work to do there in Spain.

    Having a Sports/hotdog muffler doesn't affect pollution in any way nor sound on a turbo car, only the performance.
  18. I have so far been able to fly under the radar, although police does like to seize the papers of modified cars here, unless you have the mods authorized, which is a very long and very expensive thing to do. I know of a few vehicles here that lost their papers due to having coilovers - the only modification on the cars. All in all, I'm here praying that the popo will not stop me.....
  19. A bit of news: KTR induction kit and KTR shortshifter ordered last week and will soon be on their way here, can't wait! Meanwhile, here are some pics with the winter wheels:



    Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and I have to admit that these wheels are growing on me with time. Still prefer the summer wheels, though...

    Cheers, gazserm
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  20. Update: fitted the induction kit on friday and I totally love it! It's quite noisy, that's for sure, but I think I can live with it as the kind of sounds it makes is just epic. :tongueclosed: I made a YouTube channel to go with my instagram, both @markthevanman :smile: I'll insert an onboard vid here for your viewing pleasure:

    Cheers, gazserm
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  21. Sounds good!
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  22. Thanks mate! :smile:
  23. is that foil or just a nice paint job?
  24. Sounds great. I love that wastegate noise.

    You recomended me rs-racing ... is very near to me[emoji12]

    Suscribed to YouTube channel
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  25. Ohhhh RS-Racing is close to you? :O Great news :tongueout: Thanks a lot! :smiley:
  26. Yes! Is at Zamora, the city were I birth [emoji1]. I have to go to visit it
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  27. Oh yes! Please do, and please share many many pics! Also, while there, if you could ask them what the possibilities are with our engines (F4R 776 engine code :wink:), that would be fantastic!
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  28. It's been a year since I logged onto this page, so an update is due I guess :grimacing: I'll post some pics as well soon!
    As for the Scenic, well, a few things have happened in the past 12 months or so. As far as I can see my latest update was the fitting of the K-Tec induction kit, so let's start from there.
    At around july I got a single mass flywheel also from K-Tec, and got my stock clutch rebuilt and the friction plate kevlar plated. This combination proved to be both lovely and a pain in the arse. The smf itself works a treat, as does the clutch, but the combination with the unsprung clutch resulted in many gearbox noises, which only get worse, so a solution needs to be found. If anyone knows of a sprung clutch that's not a paddle clutch please let me know (same as the Meg 225 one) :smirk:
    Next came the best mod I've done to this car: the Quaife ATB limited slip diff. Just love it! It was fitted along with a gearbox checkover (which was in perfect condition, though, but got worse since noise-wise) in October I believe.
    Next came some proper noises, namely fitting a decat. Got a GT Performance one and together with my Milltek catback the Scenic now sounds as it should, very pleased with it! I also have some videos that I'll put up on YouTube (@MarkTheVanMan) but I'll also post them here.
    During the winter the realization that my stock brakes can't put up with my way of using the car also came, in the form of totally cooked front pads and discs. (I also needed a new upper dog bone mount and engine mount.....perhaps I should take it easy on the launches....? :flushed:) A set of new discs and pads was fitted, which seem to work fine for now, but only because I'm not using the car the way I want to: on track. :pensive: The solution? Something every sane person would do: I bought a right hand drive Megane 225 for cheap, to swap the whole suspension and brake setup under the Scenic :joycat:
    That's pretty much where the car stands at the moment, some noises to figure out, a new clutch to get and probably a bigger intercooler so my car doesn't get unhappy during the hot summer.

    Cheers, gazserm
  29. Oh my god, what an update. I´m so so jealousy about you jajajja.
  30. Haha, thanks mate :smile:
  31. Update number 2: the car is off the road. Got f*cked by the police today because of the lowering springs and exhaust. I'll need to make everything legal, which is a real pain in the arse here, pretty much impossible with the current setup. Not sure what I'll do just yet.
    This isn't an update I wanted to post....
  32. Bad news :worried:
    BTW you can use that pretty zx636
  33. That's not cool....what has happened now???
  34. Yeah, well, I crashed the 636 last summer and it's just got put together now, so yeah, I guess I'll stick to that!
  35. Yep, bad news! Well, I will try to make it legal, which is going to be a massive pita. I have contacted a guy who deals with such cases and he told me that while it's possible, it will cost me and arm and a leg (about £7000, roughly). Still, I am willing to go for it, but I'll need to work a lot first. Is it worth it financially? Nope, not at all. Emotiponally? Well, a bit of a rollercoaster, but in the end, yes, I believe. It's just like any other hobby!
  36. Sorry bud, forgot to reply! It's a paintjob, factory Ottoman Blue colour :smile:
  37. Love your build mate.
    Quick question, I have a GS with the 2.0T (F4R 776) engine as well. The belt went on it and to save rebuilding, what other engines can I use apart from the megane 225? I've got access to a laguna engine but it has the dipstick in a different place and power steering pump.
  38. Megane II Gt is the most acurate to our f4r 776 I think.
  39. Yeah they are the same, was just wondering if the laguna or the espace would work bar the power steering pump.
  40. Hello all. It's been a long time since anyone posted on this so hope people will still get notifications. I have a 2004 Mégane 225, and was wondering about a engine swap into a Scenic. After seeing this car, I love it and would love to do the build. As I have a fully running Mégane already, I assume an engine swap wouldn't be too difficult? Anyone have any idea about an engine swap?
    Gazserm love the car

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