Öhlins optioned car owners - please help!

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  1. Hi All.

    My car has been having bad creaking for a while now, it paused momentarily after having the ball joints changed but it returned shortly afterwards. Does anyone have experiences of this and what it could be / how to sort it? The car has been at Picador Renault today to be looked at for this issue and none of the technicians had even seen the Öhlins suspension which speaks volumes to me. They’re talking about £1300 shock absorbers which I’m sure it isn’t.

    Any help or previous experiences would be really helpful. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Not an Ohlins owner but know they need rebuilding every 4 years or 40,000km (25,000miles). This is recommended to be done by Ohlins service dealers but could probably be done at any decent motorsport company who rebuild dampers.
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  3. I don’t suppose you know how much this service costs?
  4. Sadly not mate. Hopefully someone on here has had it done before and can advise.
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  5. Thank you for your help dude
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  6. No problem. Hopefully the damper service fixes the creaking issue
  7. Got in contact with an Öhlins service centre nearby to see what their opinion is. Making sure I get the car in the air before I make any decisions to see whether Renault have just missed the ball (wouldn’t be surprised)
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  8. Yeah my local dealer is also completely clueless on these cars, which is very confidence inspiring :neutral:
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  9. I spoke with the ‘Senior Technician’ at Renault and he hadn’t seen the Öhlins suspension before, didn’t know how to pronounce it or work with it.. much confidence inspiring
  10. Anyone havd a link or copy of this?

    My car has just turned 3 years and has 4 year 40k service plan with warranty to 5 years. So I fancy a nice little letter to renault uk asking where I should take them for there service next year (obviously I was not expecting renault to change its service schedule for such a low volume option).
  11. Must be a few more people on here with older cars trophy with ohlins option available in 2014. So those must be 5 years old now?
  12. My 2015 Cup-s has Ohlins and I'm pretty sure I read the official advice given by some Renault bod on the Renaultsport forum was just to do a visual check in the same way as any other shock absorber - no need for a rebuild to a predetermined schedule.

    This is the thread, but the table appears to have disappeared :confused:

    Having said that, experience on another car tells me Ohlins are probably past their best by 40k miles (as is any damper), so plan to get mine done next year when I get close to this mileage. Cost wise, I wont be surprised if it's the wrong side of £1k. :openmouth:
  13. Just emailed BG motorsport with an enquiry. Planning for the worse, hoping for the best...
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  14. Let us know your results dude, I’ve inquired as well
  15. Not sure if there's a hard copy. The information came from a lad on facebook who got chatting to a couple Ohlins dealers at a recent event at Silverstone, but I had heard about the Ohlins needing extra care previous to this. As soon as the car goes out of warranty the dampers need rebuilding. Convenient timing for Renault!
  16. That does look like an a**e covering exercise when you read that thread and that was 3 years ago talking about cosmetic corrosion.
  17. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd speak to Cornering Force about rebuilds, He is very, very well regarded.

    Rebuilt a few friends KWs when KW themselves wouldn't touch them
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  18. Thanks, Jamie. I'll try and get in touch with them and see what they say
  19. Been on the phone with BG Motorsport. For a fully serviced front set of Ohlins, it will be £550-£650 for the works, bear in mind this is if you post them, not if you give them the car.

    I spoke with them about just trying to get rid of the noise from the front which would probably cost £300 to take it apart, replace the bushings inside as there is potentially some play as the coating has come off from the bushes (I'm not mechanically knowledgeable and can't remember all the conversation but I think this is the reason from what I remember) which is causing the creaking but this would not be an actual service, it would be only to potentially get rid of the noise but they can't confirm as they don't have the car in front of them.

    In terms of rears, it is only the fronts that need servicing as they are an inverted macpherson strut whereas the rears aren't.

    Probably more mechanically knowledgeable people would be able to explain this further and clearer so apologies for the very simple version :tearsofjoy:
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  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    That sounds OK ish money but still quite pricey, give CG a call and see what he says.

    Fwiw my 2 way ASTs were 120+vat for a basic service then parts on top. The last bill I had was almost 800 just before the engine let go but they needed a few parts and I had new topmount plates as well.

    Just to give you a rough idea of costs for servicing a high end/ race damper
  21. Speaking with Cornering Force, I've been quoted £110 per damper with a rough postage cost of £20 and of course there might be that additional parts cost. Really genuine guy. He did however say that if he was going with an Ohlins service dealer, he would go with Mick Gardner Racing.

    Spoke with Mick Gardner Racing and it is £150 to service an individual damper fully but if you need the bushings changed (like I might) it is an extra £120 which totals around £600 odd, similar to BG Motorsport.

    Lots of information now for everyone to have a look at and think about.
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  22. Thanks. Good for the future. People can plan what and when they get it done.

    It's a pain having a car sitting on blocks while the suspension is away.

    I remember when I had my trophy Sachs sent away the local garage I used to remove them had a spare set to swap across.
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  23. It’s that question of whether you go for Öhlins approved or Cornering Force.. Yet to determine what I’ll go for..
  24. Thanks for that RSJamie - not quite as bad as I thought and closer to what I'd hoped.

    Cornering force developed blade style anti roll bars and a custom valved Nitron setup for the VX220. By reputation he's a very clever guy.

    I'm capable of stripping the dampers off the car but like notadiesel it would be very inconvenient and I doubt my nieghbours would like it much.:grinning: Ideally I'm going to need to find a garage to strip off the dampers and store the car for a few days while I get them serviced.
  25. It's a pity they don't do an exchange scheme.

    They send you refurbed set and you return your worn dampers and they refurb and supply those to next person. As I said thats what happened to my clio trophy. Local garage had a set of worn Sachs. I sent away. They came back. I did a bit big cosmetic tarting. Local garage fitted and kept my shot set.

    Alternative is there may be a used set of cup suspension on ebay that you can swap on your car while they are away. Given the amount of people that up rate suspension on meg there must be plenty of sets of used Oem suspension. The only thing is that double the Labour to swap them in and back off again.
  26. I think I'm either going to try and do it on my own or find a garage to store the car with. Depends on that labour cost as it's a fair additional chunk of cash.

    Who do you think you guys will go for with servicing the Ohlins?
  27. I'd probably go Ohlins service centre even if there is a slight premium. That receipt in my folder when I sell it on will probably car more weight.

    I'd also be interested in their "drop the car off & pick it up a week later" price.
  28. When the time comes I'll probably just approach my local RS specialist (Four Ashes) and bend over..... :grinning: Agreed Notadiesel, the difference in cost is not enough to justify not going "legit".

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