£47k 275 Trophy R

Discussion in 'eBay Items, Pistonheads & Autotrader Ads' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Nov 18, 2020.

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  2. just too much £££
  3. Just a chancer. Will never sell at that price.
  4. When I win the Euro's on Friday I will buy it.
  5. pretty much new really, but too much money when you can get a Megane 4 trophy for less than that.
    I know this one is a bit more special but...
  6. Never really understand the “can’t drive it as it will get too many miles on the clock and affect resale value” argument. Unless you have a museum or lots of cash to just buy it and store it as an investment like you would property, then what’s the point of having a great driver’s car and not actually driving it? I’m definitely in the camp of buy it, drive it and and drop in resale value is because you thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. I’d get a mark IV instead. At least you’d know all the rubber bits are new and there are no storage issues with fluids or anything that deteriorates from it just sitting there.
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  8. And the car will also have better tech and newer setup.

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