£35k 300 Trophy R on collecting cars

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Apr 17, 2023.

  1. Just saw this. Will be £37k with fees. A few at garages at the moment. KTEC has 3 with less miles for £39995.

    So probably a fair price.

    Were some pre-reg cars about when new at £42k if I remember right. Mid-Covid Launch.

    2020 RENAULTSPORT MEGANE RS TROPHY-R (collectingcars.com)
  2. £35k sale!


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  3. Just noticed KTEC pushed prices up on there stock.

    Now 2 at £43,995 and one at £42,995.

    So some pretty serious inflation not sure what that's based on? Maybe want to corner the market on them?

    One coming on CC with carbon Wheels.
  4. Was it yours?
  5. No but I keep an eye on them as I am looking to purchase one day. Lost out on one with ceramics and carbon wheels last year!


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  6. How many are there with Wheels & Brakes?

    Was it one press car & one sale car? Two in total?

    What did that go for?

    I guess that the spec any collectors would want. But if you actually planned on using regular alloys & steel brakes would be less of a pain.
  7. Yes it was the press car so about 10k miles but with the CCBs so a rare car. Think it was close to list as in list without CCBs.


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