£30k Cup-S

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Jul 26, 2022.

  1. For Sale.

    Not mine. Not sure if on here. Top Spec & Colour. Ultra low miles. List on this would have been near £35k.

    But cannot recall seeing anything other that a Trophy R above £20k for 5 years. But equally not seen anything like this (other than on my driveway!) in that time. In this market anything is possible.

    Best of luck to the seller.

  2. Unless it’s going to a collector with more money than sense I just can’t see it fetching anywhere near that.

    #001 Trophy R with 13k miles only sold for £29k recently.

    I know it’s low miles, perfect spec but I just think it’s time isn’t now. Maybe in 5+ years, as all low mileage examples of outgoing desirable models do.

    If a low mileage 275 is worth £30k then a 275 Trophy R is £40k and they just aren’t fetching that money yet.
  3. Deluded price, my Trophy only has 17800 miles, as new inside,outside and underneath and it would only fetch 20 at a push
  4. I agree it is a high price. But alot of other stuff is up at silly money.

    I love the Trophy R & the Halo effect of the press & track times were welcome. But I think its a mistake to use that to set the upper point of Megs and set a -£10k differential for every other.

    Top Spec 275 Trophy's & 275 Cup-S were pretty much the same price when new. Cup-S is generally 2 years newer. And still stupidly rare ie 100 in UK vs 30 Trophy R.

    In addition as when new the Trophy-R is not a hot hatch as practicality gone and as a track car for £30k 2 seater you would get a Caterham. If you wanted a 2 seat Meg to do track work you would build one yourself. Thats what limits there price it has no natural market.

    This was also evident with recent 300 Trophy-R where the could not sell and pre-reg sub 1k miles cars were near £40k pretty much the same price as normal Trophy 300 with the options. (and they had £17k differential in price when launched)

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