Who Wants a SD Card / AUX / USB Cover?

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Who Wants a SD Card / AUX / USB Cover?

  1. Yeah! Complete cover please.

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  2. Yeah! But with AUX and USB access please.

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  3. No thanks.

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  1. Just in the process of having a cover made up for the infotainment input. I keep popping the SD card out and it's annoying! Just wondering who else would be interested?

    It will have little Velcro tabs for easy removal. It will also cover all inputs but there can be a version with USB and AUX access holes. Will fit 250/265/275 models.

    I'll put photos up tomorrow.

    To cover this;
  2. As promised, first prototype photos.

    I need to slim the size down a little, the edges need to be a bit rounder, needs sanding, needs velcro tabs and I might put the RS logo on it! But you get the idea.

    Currently thinking £12 posted. Anyone interested?

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  3. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Get a bit of black electrical tape and cover the slot, £12 saved ftw :tongueout:
  4. There are men who fix things properly. And there are men who fix things with tape and hope. :kissingheart:
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  5. My usb port is in the stereo. Looks very different to your picture.
  6. 2nd Prototype. Much happier with this one.

    Will be sanded down and possibly painted.

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