White bonnet paint looks a bit dull in certain angles

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by jamesmeg, May 14, 2018.

  1. I am worried that my bonnet might be oxidizing or something. It's hard to take a pic of it but best explanation is that when I look in certain angles in bright light i can see patchy dullness almost like how it looks when it is really cold outside and you get moisture patches. I am thinking to clay-bar it and see how it looks after. Will this help? car is low mileage but about 6/7 years old now.
  2. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Hard to say without seeing it, don't think claying would help, it only removes surface contamination
  3. I clay bar won't help on its own but it will help before you polish it. Try polishing a test spot, if it removes it you know it needs a polish, if it doesn't it could be clear coat damage, which I dowt it is.

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