What did you have before your megane????

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sean, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Supra 2,8
    Supra 3,0 i turbo
    Supra 3,0 Bi-Turbo
    Peugeot 206
    Peugeot 205 GTI
    Porsche 997 GT3
    Megan RS

    Still got the Supra and 205 together with the GT3 and RS.
    Supra and GTI is up for sale, if anyone is interested? :wink:
  2. Audi 100s
    Nissan Cherry 1.3
    Volvo 340DL
    Opal Manta 1.8s Berlinetta
    Opal Manta GTE exclusive coupe 2.0
    Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L
    Mondeo 1.8L
    Mondeo 2.0Si
    Mazda Mx6 and Clio 1.2 runabout
    UK Impreza turbo 2000
    Evo 6
    Impreza Sti Type-UK and Megane Scenic
    Evo 7
    Audi A4 1.9tdi quattro with another new megane scenic
    Landrover Discovery S
    Landrover Discovery HSE with Mondeo Diesel
    Golf GTD Mk6 with Golf 1.6D
    Megane RS250 FF Cup with VW Touareg
    Audi B8 S4 Mrc stg 2
    E92 M3 DCT and Audi A6 2.0d
    Currently: Megane RS275 trophy, RR Evoque HSE Black pack and VW polo bluemotion

    I'm sure i've forgotten some over the years.
  3. Some great car histories listed here! Mine on the other hand (apart from the current car obviously!).......

    Vauxhall Corsa B Swing (5 door 1.2, 1st car, was a rot box, got written off in Middlesbrough after thieves broke in, hotwired it only then to find that I had a gearstick lock that locked it in reverse!)
    Renault Clio 1.2 (dependable car, although the outside temperature would read 52C in winter!)
    Skoda Fabia vRS (Mk1 diesel, written off after being crashed into)
    Skoda Octavia vRS (Mk2 diesel)
    Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo estate (1.2TSI, now the Mrs's car!)
    Megane 250 Cup (not FF but still love it!)
  4. 106 1.1
    Nissan micra super s
    106 xsi
    Saxo vts
    Astra Sri cdti 150 (mapped to 215)
    MG ZR T16 Turbo (220bhp)
    Golf gttdi 150

    Current car meg 250
  5. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Short history for me

    Fiat Uno
    Mk2 1.2 Clio
    Renaultsport Megane 175
    Renaultsport Megane 250
  6. Was that standard Uno's, i have had 4 turbo's loved them
  7. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Yeah just a standard A reg 1.3, grandma left it to me when she passed, I still only had a provisional at the time. Decided it was time to get rid when I found 2 inch of ice under the drivers seat one winter :tearsofjoy:
  8. Had two of them as well 1.3 SL and a S , one i actually made money on (the S), bought for £650 got it written off when rear ended by a BMW, got £625 payout, the second time a skip truck backed into it paid out £725 and still used it for another year.
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  9. wow blast from the past.

    escort xr3
    escort xr3i
    escort rs turbo
    cavalier gsi
    Astra gte
    renault 5 turbo
    Sierra 2.0 l 3 door with a whale tale lol
    subaru impreza wrx
    evo 8 forged mega money spent . quick.
    megane r26. great fun
    and various vans and loads of random run abouts i really cant remember there has been that many !
  10. Mini Cooper one
    Polo 6n2 gti
    Pug 306 dturbo
    Corsa 1.3cdti
    Audi A4 b5
    Skoda fabia vrs x2
    Clio 172
    Clio 197
    Megane 225
    And what my megane R26 has just took place for is my Audi A4 b7.


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  11. 2000 Saxo 1.1
    2002 Civic EP3 (Pre Face)
    2004 Civic EP3 (Facelift)
  12. This thread has reminded me of some good times, some cars I really miss and others not so much!

    Nova 1.3SR x 2
    Suzuki Swift GLX (4x4 saloon)
    Rover 216Gti TC
    Honda Prelude 2.2 Sir (4th gen)
    Citroen AX GT
    Peugeot 405 GL
    Daihatsu Charade GTti
    Toyata Glanza V
    Mitsubishi Colt CZT
    Honda Integra Type R (dc5)
    Mercedes C250
    Megane 250

    With the exception of the 405 and C250, I enjoyed all of these cars, but probably had the most fun out of the Hondas and the Charade. Quite happy with the Megane and no plans to change anytime soon.
  13. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler RSM Club Member

    3 corsas sxi (lol)
    106 Gti. Rolled it
    3 astra vans
    Audi a4
    Civic jordan. Which i regret selling so much after owning for 4 years

    Current cars
    Astra van daily. Black megane R26


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  14. Honda Civic 1.3
    Mazda MX5 1.8
    TVR Chimera 4.5
    TVR T350
    Toyota Landcruiser (London to Khatmandu bike trip)

    Then came the kids

    BMW 545i (E60)
    BMW M5 (F10) (still have this one)

    They were all good in their way. T350 was my favourite to drive. Megane is best bang for the buck.
  15. Had a few now:

    Nova 1.2 Antibes
    Nova 1.4 SR
    Astra 1.8 Sport
    Saxo VTR
    Astra 1.8 SXI

    It was at this point I discovered the Nurburgring:

    After a couple of trips over in the Astra I needed something better suited so that went and in came an EP3 Civic Type R


    The Civic was good but I wanted a proper little sports car so out that went and in came tje favourite car that I've owned, a JDM import mk2 mx5 RS


    I loved that car and would swap my R26 for it every day of the week if my circumstances allowed. I used it on UK trackdays, trips to the Nurburgring, and did a European roadtrip in it with my now wife.


    Alongside my cars my wide has owned an Abarth 500


    And currently owns a 2013 Octavia VRS TSI estate
  16. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Too many to post but the more interesting ones :-

    106 GTI
    Clio 172 cup (jenveys, full cage, cup racer parts) miss this car loads
    Civic EP3 type r (mtec LSD, coilovers, spoon exhaust) hated it
    Mk2 MX5 RS in full track setup - best track car I ever owned
    E46 M3 Convertible SMG
  17. What didn’t you like about the ep3? I wasn’t overly fond of mine haha
  18. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Cheaply thrown together. Horribly basic interior. No luxuries. Loud as hell.

    It handled "well" with the LSD or as well as you can squeeze out of a FWD but the VTEC noise pissed me off after a few weeks.

    Bought it for £6k. Spent about £5k on it - carbon synchros, LSD, coilovers, Evo wheels, track tyres, etc.. etc... Sold it 6 months later for £6k.

    Just a huge mistake all round
  19. I put a cat back on mine and it droned like fuck, also second gear never worked properly. The steering though was absolutely shite, even after a new steering rack and I too, spent far too much on it.
  20. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Yep the electronic power steering was garbage. It was 2nd that went on mine which is why I had the carbon synchros done and LSD while the box was off.

    Dunno why people rave about them. They're awful cheap cars.
  21. I had a 172 Cup which I had for 7 years. Was absoulety immaculate and only had 60k on it. 204 BHP [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  22. What spec was your mx5 running?

    Mine was running the following:

    Mk2 RS imported in 2010. Genuinely rust free and fully stripped down and undersealed during my ownership.

    146bhp engine (dyno'd at 142) and 6 speed gearbox

    Bilstien B14 coilovers

    ITG induction kit

    15" Ultralite G-spec wheels (5.6kg each) with AD08R tyres

    mk2.5 Sport discs and callipers

    Wilwood brake bias valve

    Mahura braided brake lines

    Larini centre section exhaust with a Flyin Miata backbox

    Vindi ducktail spoiler

    OEM skirts and front splitter

    Carbing 4 point roll bar

    Dash Racing strut brace

    Kevlar Recaro seats out of an RX7 (same as the mk1 RS Ltd seats)

    OMP Targa steering wheel

    I adored the car and sold it to my mates then flatmate so have first refusal to buy it back should she decide to ever sell it.

    Yes the R26 is quicker, but the mx5 was on a different level for fun and feedback. I'll definitely have another one, or buy my old one back at some point. To scratch my mx5 itch my good mate who I do trackdays and go to the Nurburgring with has recently turbo'd his mk1. I can't wait to drive it in track.
  23. Mk Ph1 Clio RL 1.9d
    Mk1 Ph2 Clio Maxim 1.4
    Mk1 Ph1 Clio Prima 1.9d
    Eunos Roadster 1.6
    Mk1 Ph2 Kangoo 1.5 dci
    Mk1 Ph2 Kangoo 1.5 dci
    Mk2 Ph1 Kangoo 1.5dci
    Clio RS 200
    Mégane RS 275 Cup-S

    Plus various company vans along the way!
    The k9k dci engine served me very well, covered so many miles without any issues.
    P.s I don't really like Renault's!!!
  24. Lovely example that fella
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  25. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Mine was a jap import RS - no rust, I pulled the engine out as it was burning oil and did a mk2.5 engine conversion, with an ECU (I forget the name of them, popular with the MX5's) and a custom engine loom I made. Ran it with VVT, really nice conversion.

    Light weight watanabe wheels, with federal 595's
    Bucket seats
    Hard top, with soft top deleted
    Some rare exhaust system, I forget the name, came on the car from Japan

    Absolutely loved the car on track, so precise, no aids, amazing steering feedback, tons of grip.
    I had to sell it because I had the MX5, and the M3 and was moving house to somewhere without a garage so wa slosing storage. I miss it every single day.

    The Megane is so numb, and whilst it's really fast on track it feels like a brainless 13 year old could be quick in it, there's no real skill needed.
  26. Morris minor 55 splitty( customised with v8) 1955
    Mini Cooper s 1968
    Datsun 260z ( samuri conversion)
    5, Golf gti's including 1.8 Lhasa green.
    Pug 205 gti 1.9 Miami blue.
    Jag xjs 5.3 v12 !!! Bad judgment.
    Renault 5 gr8 turbo 'blueprinted Radbourne Racing. ( dangerous)
    Lots of horrible company cars!!
    Lanci delta Integralle 8v. ( uprated to 300 lbs/ft...amazing)
    Renault megane 225 f1. ( my best buy yet, i love it)

    Think that's it lol.
  27. Doctor_Proctor

    Doctor_Proctor RSM Club Member

    Let me just say that I’m surprised at the variety of the previous cars you lot have had, and in the end we’ve ended up with Renaults... :sweatsmile:.

    Here’s my journey, so far.

    Started to drive in Australia after living there half of my life.

    1995 Subaru Impreza gx -only 1.8 but being my first car, it was a turbo wax in my head. And it gave me thirst for more boxer power.

    2005 Subaru Impreza wrx- Absolutely loved this car, handled like a dream when I was finished with it, coilovers, uprated bushes, 9” wide wheels with semi slicks on it, then the usual engine upgrades turbo back exhaust, induction kit and remap. Not overly powerful at around 225hp at the wheels. 34DB044B-278F-4FE0-9BCD-6A8F4EB384D0.jpeg

    Moved back to England, because I like it better (I know, I don’t know why either lol)
    2004 civic type r ep3- my introduction to a fwd performance car, I liked it, but never really fell in love with the cheap interior and it’s unpredictable nature.

    2005 Mini Cooper s- after fixing the usual mini problems (radiator, water pump, wheels bearings, ball joints etc ) it was a good car, quick enough for the chassis but never really felt that confident in driving it hard in case something broke again lol.

    2007 civic type r fn2- I was missing that vtec kick yo, so bought another one. It was a minter this. Great car, more refined than the ep3 just not as agile.

    2007 Honda Accord 2.4 - don’t ask..

    2007 Honda Civic type r- yes, again, I know. But probably a better example than the first on I had so it wasnt a complete waste getting rid of the first one.

    2013 Megane rs265 (current) - fell in love with the way it shifts and the way it handles, so well for a modern hot hatch. The feedback lacks a bit but is better than that of the rivals. I’ve got a lot of plans for this one, or did.. up until i found out one of the bearings in the gearbox had gone but luckily I’m getting it done under warrantee this week so we shall see where this one takes me.
  28. Fiat strada Abarth 130TC - brilliant but body crumbled!
    Lancia Delta 1.6 - Kids! Body crumbled.
    VW Scirocco Scala - kent cam, twin 40 webers, top adjustables.
    Mk2 Golf 16v Black - stolen after 2 weeks!
    Mk2 Golf 16v White - lasted a bit longer
    VW Corrado 16V - loved it.
    Impreza Series McRae - wish I still had it! De-cat, 4"system
    Saab 93 Aero - Electrics died, nice car though
    Seat Leon 1.9TDI
    Megane RS 250 - Current and favourite so far! RS tuning 300bhp map, H&R springs. Plans for this year
  29. RENAULT 14 TL
    Peugeot 305 GLD
    Citroen BX
    Ford Mondeo 1.8TD
    Renault Megane 1.9Dci 120
    Renault Megane GT Dci 150 currently with full Renault sport chassis setup from a R26 and gearbox from 175 with H&R springs and Cup Shocks, love it and handles like a train, put a smile on my face as soon as i drive round a quiet twisty road even with just 150 BHP but shed loads of torque
  30. photies..or it didny happen :flushed:
  31. I will include my Wifes cars ( as that's a trick of owning 2 nice cars at once)

    MG Metro
    Opel Manta GTE
    Opel Manta GTE Exclusive
    309 GTI Goodwood
    E30 M3
    Impreza P1
    306 GTI-6
    Fabia VRS
    Brabus Roadster Coupe
    Clio Trophy
    Clio 182 FF
    Megane R26 Lux
    Clio 197 Cup
    Clio 200
    Z3M Coupe
    E91 330i Sport Manual
    130i Sport
    E92 M3
    2005 STI UK Widetrack
    Megane Cup-S
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  32. Fiesta Style Mk6 1.25 (first car)
    Clio GT 1.6
    Megane RS265 (current)

    I know the list is long lol. My Dad has a manual V8 Audi R8 though which I have driven
  33. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Clio 1.4
    Megane RS 225
    Megane RS 250 & Clio RS 182
    Mines really boring :tearsofjoy:
  34. Impreza P1 was / is an iconic car!

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