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  1. So at bedford my last track day the rear disks held up well. All brakes were on point.
    But the rear disks got so hot the peeled the paint off the disks and now they look shit with rust patches.
    I need to change the rear disks due to a dodgey wheel bolt thread.
    I looked at MTEC disks and they looked good. Im not kean on grooved or drilled disks but im thinking it might be good on the rear. I know the standard ones are good enough for track but im not looking for extra bite just better made ones. Any recommendations or thoughts? Off to spa in april so need to be replaced before then.
  2. George@RTR Parts

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    plain OE Renault will serve you well mate
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  3. Yeah stay clear of Mtec, they're just a cheap disc thats been drilled/grooved
  4. Yeah after looking into this for myself the advice seems to be to go for plain, standard disks as George suggests.
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  5. APM

    APM RSM Trader

    @James275 Which discs and pads are you running currently? OE Renault or aftermarket (ECP or similar)?
    I ask because if running non genuine Renault discs then often the coating can come off or if they are genuine and running standard pads you may find the pad is getting to hot being standard and cooking the disc, thus stripping the coating. Try a ceramic pad if so.

    If upgrading discs, stick to either grooved or plain (OE Renault is fine). Avoid aftermarket drilled as they can crack under excessive heat.
  6. thanks for the information and advice guys.
    theyre running oem disks front and rear.
    Performance friction z rated pads in the front which are great.
    Just the rear that seems to of over heated so ill change them for oem and replace the pads with a performance one of some sort. any recommendations?
  7. I'm running PFZ on the front of my R26, really awesome pad on track and great on the road too.

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  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    PF Z Rated isn't a massively aggressive pad, I wouldn't bother too much with uprated rears, if anything maybe a set of Yellows

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